Cyclophonic Miracle Sound came out from RCA in the early 60's. I listened to my first 'CMS' LP yesterday. Although mono, I thought the sound quality was excellent. Anyone else had any experience of what Cyclophonic Miracle Sound is like? This was the LP I listened to.


I listened to this on my back up turntable (a very cheap and cheerful Bush MTT1 from 1995), which actually got a five star review from What HiFi? when it came out. It is only a mini turntable, but does have a magnetic cartridge and a decent stylus. Admittedly I had this connected to a single powered tower speaker (which is stereo, but has the left channel at the bottom, and right channel at the top), but the sound quality was still really good. I know that RCA prided themselves on their pressings during this era, but I was wondering if there was anything 'special' about Cyclophonic Miracle Sound?