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I have been listening to 128 kbps MP3s for a decade and am perfectly happy with it. My ears probably can't tell the difference. I did put some piano sonatas at 64 kbps and it sounded bad. Most folks on this site would be running MP3 at 256 kbps or higher, so I think those should satisfy most ears of any age. If I get a download it is usually a higher bit rate, so I will use a program called Soundconverter to reduce it. Works fast. I settled on 128 kbps as I can fit a lot more music on my device and they copy to it a lot quicker.
Early this century, Fraunhofer released an updated version of MP3 called MP3 Pro. It could sound just as good at 64Kbps as standard MP3 at 128. Because they were more strict with the licensing than MP3, in an effort to make more money, it didn't go over very well.