Nemanja Radulovic is a violinist of fabulous virtuosity, still too little known.

When he starts the last movement of Sarasate's Airs bohémiens with that tempo
every violinist awaits him at one special place
and he's through at full throttle, cleanly, faster than any other fiddler I've heard. These few seconds mix left-hand pizzicato with bow.

You may check on Youtube how some far better known violinists play that piece (Sarasate "Airs bohémiens"). The comparison is fun but cruel for them so I won't help you search. Most slow down the tempo a huge lot before these few notes and botch them nevertheless.

Nemanja Radulovic has also a clean bow technique. He studied at the same professor as my second professor, so he inherited the technique from Arthur Grumiaux. His interpretation is passionate, very personnel, and exciting


He's a left-handed violinist a true rarity. Proof:

He provides the needed example that left-handedness can make a perfect violinist.

He plays with the bow in the right hand, as did Pablo Casals, so this option works at top level.