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Thread: The Teaching Company - Courses on Classical Music by Professor Robert Greenberg

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    Default The Teaching Company - Courses on Classical Music by Professor Robert Greenberg

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you the courses made by The Teaching Company on classical music, presented by Professor Robert Greenberg from San Francisco Performances, Alma Mater University of California, Berkeley. He presents almost 30 courses for the company, from introductory ones such as How to Listen to and Understand Great Music:

    To courses on the titans of the classical and romantic periods:

    Except for the course on The Great Works of Sacred Music, which is presented by Professor Charles Edward McGuire from Oberlin College:

    I highly recommend them to all of you who wish to better understand the lives, times and works of the great masters, here is the website:

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    I agree - Greenberg's courses are mostly excellent. I particularly recommend "Bach and the High Baroque", and his courses on the Beethoven string quartets, symphonies, and piano sonatas (three separate courses). The only ones I found mildly disappointing were his courses on the operas of Mozart and Wagner - a little too superficial, with a little too much plot summary and not really enough musical analysis.

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    Yup, they certainly are excellent; and at least the ones I’ve watched are very comprehensive and go far deeper than typical “music appreciation” stuff. A Wondrium (Great Courses Plus) subscription costs less per month than even one physical video set, and allows you access to all Great Course videos online.
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    I own Prof. Greenberg's series on the Beethoven quartets. Very informative.

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