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Thread: Opera Recording Shares and Trades

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    Default Opera Recording Shares and Trades

    Please remove if this is in violation of any rules!

    I am by NO means suggesting that we share current, commercially available recordings but rather recordings that have long since been OOP, ones that have yet to make an appearance digitally or on CD, and historical live pirated recordings that are now public domain.

    I will kick things off with two OOP Ingeborg Hallstein recital discs that have yet to be released on anything other than vinyl circa mid-'60s. I had both of these recordings digitally transferred to 24-bit FLAC files and remastered. Click below to download! =D

    Ingeborg Hallstein singt Mozart-Konzertarien

    Ein Sängerportrait

    These recordings are two treasures that all opera lovers need to hear! Enjoy
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    Well I don't know if it is against the forum rules but it at least maybe should be in this forum:
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