Pure schumannesque poetry! Vanvidsfantasi is a short piano fantasy, in three movements, composed between 1947 and 1949. Quite beautiful! I rate this work highly.

The piece borrows material from Langgaard's own Fantasi-Sonate (BVN 121, 1916), which was already inspired by Schumann. Here's a excerpt of a description I found on the site 'langaard.dk':

"Vanvidsfantasi 'is about' the madness of Schumann's last years, undoubtedly a parallel to Langgaard's own situation as a rejected composer in Ribe 100 years later. The fantasia therefore contains an interpretation - forced almost to the point of madness - of Langgaard's own Schumann- inspired youthful composition, to which, moreover, he added as an underlying text Heine's mournful poem, "Lehn deine Wang..." - a poem which had also been put to music by Schumann."

Performance by Berit Johansen Tange

Langgaard is best known for his orchestral works, but that shouldn't let us overlook the rest.