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Thread: Unusual music

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    Default Unusual music

    Hi!!! I open this thread to introduce you the unusual music I do. I am a writer, singer-songwriter, poet and painter from Madrid (Spain)

    This is my first song on this forum and I hope you like it.

    Stay well

    It's already late
    look at the clock
    and I wonder. x2

    why why

    the hours go by
    without anyone stopping them x2

    why why

    I look at the sky
    flying drops
    dress the mist
    that transforms
    the streets and the corners
    in undulating shapes
    in undulating shapes

    under under under
    a thousand veils of doubts
    of doubts of doubts

    It's already late
    for you to come x2

    but not matter no

    I will have a coffee
    looking at the river
    that carries the lost dreams x2

    I will sip it
    as if I drank you
    and stir the sugar
    without thinking of anythng else

    and not be a prisoner
    of the emptiness that you leave me. x2
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