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Thread: Mellotron M4000D, any experience?

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    Default Mellotron M4000D, any experience?

    Hello guys and girls,

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience of the Mellotron M4000D from Sweden? I've got the price list from Marcus and I am really into this instrument but would really like to hear if anyone here has tried it and what your thoughts are before putting my hard earned money into it

    I want the Mellotron sound and these look incredible but are there any plus or minus points that you can see to them?

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    Heya and welcome to the forum!
    I'm more experienced with listening to mellotron than to playing one - isn't the one you refer basically a sampler? In which case my next question would be - is there any reason musicians would prefer to own one of these devices instead of a "traditional" sampler loaded with some mellotron sound libs purchased separately?

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