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Thread: Help with two pieces I heard on the radio years ago

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    Default Help with two pieces I heard on the radio years ago

    First post, long time lurker on TC though.

    As the title says, I heard these years ago - maybe 12 or 13 years back.

    The first is a piece by a Latin American composer scored for two singers and piano accompaniment. Tenor and soprano I think. The composer’s name is something like Criolla, and the gist of the lyrics in Spanish is along the lines of ‘when I die, don’t weep for me’. Probably written in the late 19th or early 20th century.

    The other piece is a short composition for piano-forte (as in, it’s a recording on a period instrument) and it may or may not have a botanically themed title. Late classical or early romantic work. The announcer mentioned that the composer disappeared, and there’s speculation that he may have been murdered.

    Sorry for the slightly morbid theme between the two! Any help would be much appreciated.

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    When you mention Criola I have to think: Ramirez who wrote the Missa Criola . There are two recordings, one with Mercedes Sosa (Singer)and one with Jose Carreras..
    They are both on Presto site where you can hear small pieces. Hope it helps a bit, if not I am sorry
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