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Thread: What's your setup like?

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    Default What's your setup like?

    I don't know if this is the correct forum for this, but what is everyone's setup?

    I use a Yamaha DGX 205 Portable Grand, Cubase SE (very old, but gets the job done), MOTU Symphonic Instrument, and my newest addition - Native Instrument Komplete 5. A 2008 Fender American Stratocaster and Ibanez GIO bass round out my set up.

    The part that kills me is that my wife and I recently needed room for a new printer (we're both nursing students and inundated with school work), so my keyboard's home was taken over until a new table is purchased....

    Oh well, I still have the Pearl River downstairs!

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    For guitars, I have an ESP Edwards SG, an Ibanez Artcore AF-105, a Squire Telecaster, a Yamaha LJ6 steel string acoustic and an Alhambra 4p nylon string.

    For basses, a 2008 American Standard Jazz Bass and a Westfield P-Bass copy.

    I also have a Casio CDP-200R digital piano, a few Hohner and Lee Oskar harmonicas that I play (badly), a Zoom multi-track recorder and I also use Cubase occasionally.

    We used to have a nice piano for my sister's piano lessons when she as younger but she lost interest and it was sold. That was about a year before I started learning any instruments and now I seriously wish I could still play it.

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