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Thread: Leading or Lead ?

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    Default Leading or Lead ?

    How planned are you in your composing? i.e writing specific forms like "sonata" , or does the music lead you on , sometimes waking up with a tune in your head?
    Do you write for yourself or posterity?

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    I write for myself. Then I try to find someone to play it, or record it &/or publish it. That's not easy, but when one does not have a lot of music contacts that's about the only avenue left.

    Lately, I sometimes have decided in advanced to compose such standards as a rondo, a sonata form movement, a canzona, a set of variations, etc. However, most of the time I wing it taking after Andrew Imbrie's (1921-2007) approach: “At the start I let the ideas shape themselves as they must; the direction they will pursue and the changes in character they will undergo become increasingly clear as I go on”.
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    Write for myself. I feel the world doesn't need any more music of older styles (there are tons of lesser composers of those periods to seek out). In planning sometimes I have some general idea of what I want, sometimes not, and I try to find what setting seems to work best for me. In terms of form, just sort of free style like a toccata.
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