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Thread: another newbie with a question!

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    Default another newbie with a question!

    Hey all!

    the title says it all, really.. actually came to this forum searching for info that seems to be non-existent on the net!!! but maybe i haven't been searching hard enough! anyhow, once i got here it seems that this place is so much nmroe happening than i could ever expect! so i joined it of course!

    hehe anyway don't wanna blabber too much (or have I already?)..

    question: what's the market rate for quartet gigs?

    i'm a violin student and member of an amateur orchestra- but this nice lady approached us during our busking stint for charity today to play at her wedding! she wants to pay us and i've half the mind to let her decide how much to give us, but since i've been wondering about it for a long time now i'd just like a general idea. First time receiving payment for playing, obviously!

    Thanks in advance!
    =) wiggly

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    I play in a quartet every so often to raise money for my orchestra, and I think we take in about £300, £250 of which goes to the orchestra.

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