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Thread: Monk jazz experience in artificial intelligence logic

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    Default Monk jazz experience in artificial intelligence logic

    Hello my friends, there are a few things regarding new logic experience in
    1. Firstly why should we point as AI in music one of most important investigation point ?
    2. Logic oriented analytics in music context, just example of Thelonious monk music

    3 .. propositions deductive investigation in composition

    1/ why the Monk had some strange behavior ? It is simple enough .. Just imaging that Monk it is single man without wife ... But it is logical conflict. Just first step to understanding

    p/s why medeski trio was unable to compose likje of bemsha swing ?

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    Monk had a wife.

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    I saw this video a couple months ago, when I was rediscovering some Monk. I believe there are times his left hand accompaniment goes in its own way based on the previous direction and rhythm in a different context than the right hand, but then goes back to more standard harmonizations. He worked them out in his head as he's going along and probably had some set go-to patterns ingrained in him already for certain scenarios. He also introduces some dissonances by diverging or splitting from a note in the right hand to play the previous note and a half step up or down like a suspension, introduces syncopation from a set rhythm.

    He can be interesting to listen to "real-time" or Live, but when I'm not totally focused on short term directions in the music and only listening to where it is heading in the longer term, it is not so interesting for me.

    I think if you can figure out his 'set-pattern' tendencies and program to introduce dissonances and syncopation to a song with a melody only, AI can mimic his accompaniments and style in improvisation. But I can see it still going way off in practicality, even if a computer is mimicking his style technically. He and the listener is the ultimate judge of the decisions he makes subjectively, and a computer as far I can imagine might not be able to totally replicate that, and it could 'taste' different.

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