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Thread: Need a little help identifying this one...

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    Default Need a little help identifying this one...

    Good day everyone! I was wondering if I could get a little insight on the name of a specific song or even the composer. A sample of it can be found here:

    The website only plays a tiny snipet of the song, and doesn't put the name of the composer anywhere on the site. The problem is I can't get the song out of my head and must get a CD with the track on it! But without knowing who wrote it, that's obviously a problem. So any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance!

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    It's the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. I can't remember which one so I'll guess at Winter.

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    I'm not able to listen to the piece you refer to myself, but if it is vocal music by Vivaldi, and uses music from the Four Season, then it may well be either 'Dell'aura al sussurrar' in which we hear the beginning of the 'Spring' concerto, or 'Gelido in ogna vena', in which music from 'The Winter' was used. Both arias may be found on Cecilia Bartoli's CD 'The Vivaldi Album' released in 1999.

    I hope this helps.
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