Good evening. I'm new.
My name is Ryan, & I live in England, but am actually half Austrian. I am 15 years old. I am learning the violin & learn French, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, German & Italian. I am a Catholic convert. I suppose my musical tastes will be written on the "favourite songs lists" & so forth. Just as an introduction, I suppose I had better put a little trivia on myself:
Favourite colour: Green or Black. Mostly green.
Food: Vegetarian (I like soups). I hate mustard (very bitter), but I like spicy foods.
Religion: Roman Catholic
Politics: Conservative
Films: Biographies, Comedies, Documentaries, Quiz shows, MMurder mysteries.
If you would like to ask anything, please ask.
Thank you.
I suppose this message has been a little bit formal. I should finish off with an exclamation mark to lower the tone a bit: !