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Thread: learn something about music

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    Default learn something about music

    Hi there!

    Just to mention again.. the now newly improved classical music appreciation course is up and running - 4 weeks (4 hours of your time) - expert tuition with all course material provided, what to listen for, selected composers, with links to video examples, CD recommendations and a tutor with years of listening on call to help you understand the art and where to start. All in a clear format geared for anyone! you don't need to know any technical musical terms or so on. All at a very reasonable price. Think about it

    here is the link:

    We also in process of launching a 12-week in depth music course for the concert-goer or music lover who wants to learn more about how great music works and what to listen for.

    thanks a lot and happy listening


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    does it actually state the price anywhere? Im looking.....

    if you dont want to post it in a thread - just send me a message. I am actually interested.

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