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Thread: Wagner forum

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    Default Wagner forum

    A new forum that needs a little help getting started. This might help with more specific types of questions about the composer.

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    Love Wagner. Can take a while for beginners in classical music to get into though.

    Beginners are advised to get some of the "highlights from ..." rather than wade through any of whole operas. Start with the various overtures and other pure orchestral elements eg Entry of the Gods into Valhalla, Forest Murmers, Siegfied's Funeral March. Then maybe try a selection of the best choral parts. Furtwangler/Kirsten Flagstad recordings are superb.

    Suddenly you get hooked. Difficult to shake it off.

    Once past the initial hurdle, the best opera to buy to start with is probably Tristan und Isolde. Nice easy story and great music. Marked a watershed in classical music.


    P.S. I love Wagner's hat. It looks so comfy!

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