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Thread: Another speaker debate

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    Default Another speaker debate

    It appears that you all enjoyed the last conversation so much (Computer Speakers) I thought I'd add a variant into the mix.

    My old system was win XP, creative soundblaster live, and cambridge fps 2000 4.1. It knocked the socks off any stereo I've ever owned, but then speakers + soundcard also cost more than any stereo I've ever owned. Anyhow, this should give you a good idea of my definition of "decent sound", which is probably on a slightly humbler plane than many serious hi-fi users.

    I recently upgraded to a new desktop, and errm... it's been a disaster from beginning to end! At first I thought Windows 7 64 bit didn't support any of my peripherals, but it also appears I've had some major hardware failures (external HD, speakers, etc), probably related to some interesting fusing-the-whole-house moments.

    When I realised the SB live just wasn't going to work at all - still not sure whether it's the card, the slot, or the drivers (I've tried several including kX) I bought a UCA 202. Only to discover that the speakers are toast. And the trouble is, my budget is ^*#@ed for a couple of months, given the recent new pc, soundcard, etc, etc, etc.

    I'm looking for a solution which is preferably in 2 figures (UK) in the short term, but upgradeable (extra cost acceptable) in the longer term. The benchmark is to be comparable, or close to the old Creative system. Given how helpful Creative have been on the subject of drivers, old soundcards, and new operating systems, I'd like to avoid that make if possible - although reviews suggest they still make many of the best budget surround systems.

    Also, the UK being what it is, trying speakers out in a shop is unfortunately not possible, this will have to be a mail order deal.

    More pointers: top priority is probably clarity, especially in the treble. Having said that, unlike the OP, I rather enjoyed having a woofer, although I probably didn't maximise its potential. My computer room is small, which will limit the distance I can get from the system.

    Prices have come down, both the logitech Z323 (#40ish) and the alesis M1 (#90ish) would be survivable budgetwise.

    I'm looking for help with these questions please : would I be better going for logitech short term and upgrade longterm? Or will the Alesis see me through? And if I upgrade later, would it be better to upgrade the speakers or return to on-board soundcards or both? (Assuming the [singular] slot isn't bust, which it might be, I'm having one of those months).
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    My roommate just recently got an M-Audio AV40 set of monitor speakers for his computer. I haven't had much of a chance to listen to them, but they sounded pretty good from what I did hear. I'm sure they were less than $200 US.

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    Looking at the Alesis M1 I see the prices are anything from £230 to £400. Which is quite a bit to pay even though they maybe good, I suspect that inside them is an El-Cheapo Chinese T Amp, it does say that there is a switched power supply, nothing wrong with T amps I add quickly :-)

    For probably less than 1/2 that price you could make your own and they would be upgradeable, have probably got some sort of studio monitor clone that lots of the subscribers make. They are a friendly lot and love to help people.

    I don't know of one personally being into single driver speakers myself, though of course you could do the same with a single driver.

    Good luck
    Needles sound amazing!

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