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Thread: Help with this piece. contemporary?

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    Default Help with this piece. contemporary?

    Hi all,
    i need to recognize this piece but cant find the title or at least the autor. I think is contemporary. Could somebody help me?

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    Don't know this one, but maybe we can try to narrow it down a little. It sounds like a Flute Concerto or at least a showcase for flute. Certainly written w/i past century. Ensemble in excerpt is unusual. Given poor soundqualitysounds like: Flute, Harp, Clarinet, Violin, English Horn, French Horn (x2? or is there a bassoon?).

    Atonal but probably not 12-tone, has a dance-like quality to it, somewhat klangfarb-esque. My first inclination was to think it was early French or German atonality. Also wondered if it was Takemitsu, though it's not the most obvious suspect, "Toward the Sea." The bottom of this page may help:

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