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Thread: playing timpani

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    Default playing timpani

    hi all!i play timpani for5-6 years now but i was focused on the last 3 years i play four timpani its ok with my notes etc but i feel very insecure with my total presentation.any tips for more relaxed and more timpanist motion ?

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    thank you for your post.
    That is very interesting.
    well I am not a timpanist ( I am a Santur player) but I am obsessed with form and posture while playing.
    in fact for 3 years I used to practice only mallets (not on the instrument) in front of a mirror to make sure I am keeping a good posture.
    I have 10 years of experience in Santur but I only played timpani for around 2 years in concert bands so I cant really give you any technical advice.
    however you have to feel natural at it.
    I should not be telling you this (you have been playing for a while) but fluid motion is key. dont let your trapezoids tense up.
    other than that though, as long as your tone is correct, you can have your own signature

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