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Thread: Does Anyone Know Anything About This Getzen Signature Trumpet?THANK YOUUU! =D

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    Question Does Anyone Know Anything About This Getzen Signature Trumpet?THANK YOUUU! =D

    Hi guys!
    Can anyone tell me the model or year or typpe of music this specializes in? or maybe if its for a beginner or advanced player? Thank you soo much! =D
    Okayy so I here it is, Getzen Trumpet in C
    Here is the pic

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    i am a trumpeter so perhaps i can help.
    the donald getzen brand is not the major 'getzen' brand. that one is simply branded 'getzen' and makes very fine instruments and are an american owned/based company. the deg (donald e getzen) horns like you have pictured come from a time when his branch of the family had their own company.
    C trumpets are the horn of choice in many american orchestra sections. i've played the bach strad C for many years but recently switched to my other love, the schilke C trumpet.
    the C is primarily for advanced academic and pro use and not for beginners.

    more data will come to you if you visit i doubt i would purchase a deg for myself.


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    Just to echo the comments above. It's an OK instrument better than some but not a model most professionals would choose.

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