Hello, my name is Alexandru Liviu Bobocu and I’m from Romania. I have recently launched a musical theory ebook

explaining scales and modes from different regions of the Globe. In this book I have gathered over two hundred

musical scales and modes, trying my best to offer their closest adaptations in the Western musical system. Every

scale is transposed in each pitch of the tonal system.
The content page of the book can be seen here: http://annunaki.xhost.ro/musicaltheory/cuprins.jpg
The ebook can be downloaded as a PDF @ http://annunaki.xhost.ro/musicaltheory/. After the widget pops up

you'll have to choose either completing a short survey/trial offer or buying it via Paypal($7). Preorders for the

CD version can be made at annunakiworks@gmail.com .
For any questions/suggestions you have, please either post here, send me a PM or mail us at annunakiworks@gmail.com


PS: sorry if I posted in an unsuitable forum section