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  1. I struggle with singing these intervals
  2. Can you list me some pieces for baritone voice?
  3. Community College Choir is going on tour
  4. Beginner Attempting Some Opera
  5. Advice needed......
  6. Appoggio Technique?
  7. What type of voice am I?
  8. Can my voice recover?
  9. Learning to sin properly ? How much work ?
  10. First Classical concert - seeking comments
  11. 2012 World Choir Games - Cincinnati USA
  12. microphones on high school singers
  13. New Repertoire for Intermediate Tenor
  14. Your opinioun about the voice is needed
  15. Just begun studying
  16. How to Become a Better Singer
  17. 1812 Overture - Choral parts
  18. Otello
  19. Developing vibrato
  20. Is it possible to raise my vocal range?
  21. New beginner but very very eager to learn!! :-)
  22. how to increase or decrease between the key or chord of a song
  23. Memorization?
  24. Hi everyone
  25. Clicking or snapping with jaw movement
  26. O sole mio first test
  27. Hello everyone.
  28. Help needed
  29. Good pieces for baritone vocal practice?
  30. Mahler 2 - Bass part
  31. Hello! Seeking Vocally/Musically Experienced Friends :)
  32. Looking for collaborators for Virtual Choir-esque project
  33. Opinion needed: Singing "O Isis und Osiris" - Going to use for acceptance test
  34. Hello!
  35. Piece identification
  36. Can i sing?
  37. Hello, can you give me your opinion?
  38. Which Famous Classical Singers Shouldn't be Famous?
  39. Yoga, Alexander Technique, Relaxation Techniques for Singers
  40. Choral Arrangement - The Prophet's Song
  41. When Choirs Sing, Many Hearts Beat As One
  42. Good way to train falsetto?
  43. Operas for young singers and orchestral players 16 - 23
  44. Encouraging my girlfriend to continue singing!
  45. Countertenor Problems....
  46. My precious 2013...
  47. Your opinion of my studio recordings...
  48. Cry Out With Joy - I wrote this for my school choir
  49. What voice do i have?
  50. Some Questions about Singing
  51. Enquiry to Male Voice
  52. Why are contralto's rare in the opera?
  53. Which professional contralto would you consider to be the best you have ever heard?
  54. High Soprano Pet Peeves (WOMEN ONLY!)
  55. A Classical Singer's Issues and Pet peeves (Women only!)
  56. Enquiry to fach
  57. Enquiry to the lower register of tenor voice
  58. ABRSM exams
  59. Singing in different acoustics...
  60. Vocal Anatomy & Physiology
  61. International Choir Festival OC VIII Singapore
  62. Honestly, how good is my natural voice?
  63. What are you working on at the moment?
  64. Opera singers: How does flexibility/yoga affect your voice?
  65. Schubert's German Stabat Mater D383
  66. Advice on Male voice fach
  67. Forming Composer / Director relationships
  68. Is anyone else a falsetti singer?
  69. Odd Vocal problem
  70. I would like to become a singer
  71. Appogio, how to breathe when you sing
  72. Lyric Mezzo-Soprano vs. Lyric Contralto
  73. From choir singer to soprano
  74. Choral works suitable for kids grades 3-5
  75. Rachmaninov All-Night Vigil Op.37