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  1. Advanced ear training
  2. Audacious Euphony by Richard Cohn
  3. Changing Key Signature in the Middle of the Developement Section
  4. basic theory on classical music
  5. Help Developing Themes in the Development Section of Sonata Form
  6. Varieties of tonality
  7. Favorite Interval (struck)
  8. Harmonic Analysis of Beethoven Symphonies
  9. Where to go to improve my range of chords?
  10. Please explain to me why I don't like JAZZ
  11. Unusual examples of Sonata form...
  12. Nicolas Slonimsky's Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns
  13. Pure Aeolian mode / natural minor vs. mixed natural/harmonic/melodic minor
  14. what are the advantages of analyzing scores?
  15. How was this song built? Handel-passacaglia
  16. How it is called when someone plays notes a little bit delayed to accompaniment
  17. "Motif" vs. "Motive"
  18. Placement of Choir in Score
  19. Sun Ra vs. Karlheinz Stockhausen 2 questions
  20. Can you help me find pieces in these time signatures?
  21. Chord Spelling Questions
  22. Can you analyze what's happening in the theory of this music?
  23. David Lewin Transformation theory
  24. Schoenberg and the Unconscious
  25. What do you do when you sound exactly like another composer?
  26. Unknown articulation mark
  27. Music in 6/16 time?
  28. Recommended reading?
  29. Multi-volume, large, good texbook of music literature
  30. Form and tonality! DISCUSSION
  31. What is going on here? Prokofiev Analysis
  32. Hindustani Music rhythms
  33. Kinds of Rythme
  34. Easiest piece in Sonata Form?
  35. K 487-1, B section
  36. Haydn early string quartet harmonic analysis/reduction
  37. Bartok
  38. I want to learn non tonal theory?
  39. How can you harmonise difficult melodies?
  40. Why do pop songs so often use the natural minor?
  41. I know of another reason why Schoenberg objected to the term "atonality"
  42. What is the scale used in this song?
  43. What makes Mozart's music so great?
  44. What is this called technically? (I'm sure I didn't invent it)
  45. Musical Theory Instructor and Guide
  46. Do you employ extended techniques in your compositions?
  47. musique encyclopedia with audible examples
  48. Sibelius 7 Question
  49. Composers unite! How many do we have on the forums?
  50. Jazz theory and structure
  51. Was this a real thing or did I mix up stories my piano teacher told me?
  52. Chromaticism and Tonality
  53. Organ Tablature - what? how?
  54. Bach and the Organ: the key to his harmonic genius
  55. Ametrics
  56. Two notes side by side on the same stem? (Orchestral music theory question)
  57. Origin of musicality?
  58. Did Weber put a reference to Beethovens 17th sonata in his Konzertstück In F Minor
  59. Where did the 12 notes come from?
  60. Understanding Ferneyhough...
  61. I just made....
  62. How did Bach compose for the Organ with just 2 Clefs?
  63. Help with values please
  64. What jobs can I get as a music scholar?
  65. Where to start?
  66. Which is better practice for learning orchestral writing styles?
  67. My teacher asked us a question about figured bass...
  68. How to Play Jazz: An Overview of Jazz Theory
  69. Music theory as a science?
  70. HELP please, need help understanding modes before my dad gets home
  71. Need some simple help with Perfect Intervals
  72. Extending Melodies/Transitional Phrases
  73. Tips on learning a new piece
  74. The Most Ironically-Named Piece of Music?
  75. If I had a test question?