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  1. Help with Clara Schumann's Piano Trio in G minor, Opus 17
  2. Satb
  3. Ballade (Burgmüller)
  4. virtuosity
  5. Major and minor thirds
  6. Elementary Accompaniment Writing
  7. Usefullness of terms like tonic and dominant?
  8. waltz
  9. Emotional state and keys
  10. An app for music study?
  11. What is the chord progression for this short tune?
  12. When does a changed flat sharp or neutral revert back to it's original form?
  13. Semitone clash sound on classical music?
  14. Uncommon key signatures
  15. What diatonic function are these?
  16. atonal music and harmony
  17. Is it possible to hear the chord implication from merely the melody?
  18. Can someone harmonize these two lines? (For study)
  19. Chord conventions in classical and popular music
  20. Music Theory
  21. Terminology for sixth and ninth chords
  22. Music Theory Approaches: 1. Tonality
  23. Different Styles/Chord Progressions for improvisation - Book recommendations?
  24. Please harmonise!
  25. Help with beginning my career?
  26. Tristan und Isolde´s follower?
  27. On-line music theory course
  28. accompaniments
  29. Motor Rythyms
  30. Triplets and other tuplets
  31. "Jazzharmony" in classical music ?
  32. progression
  33. Articles / books about OVPP debate?
  34. Harry Partch: Right or Wrong?
  35. Music Theory Approaches: 2. Atonality
  36. Hindemith translation?
  37. Rhythm by measure
  38. Detect a tonality
  39. How do I orchestrate epic scores?
  40. How Atonal Music "Works"
  41. Theory question sibelius op 5 no 5
  42. Computer Tries to Learn to Make Baroque Music
  43. Pivot Chord Modulation
  44. Lucier's "Resonant Frequencies"
  45. Something wrong here...
  46. Listening Intelligently to Atonal Music
  47. How do I read staves with no key?
  48. Four part textures writtings?
  49. What makes difference between flat and sharp in scales?
  50. Tonality and modality
  51. Instruments ranges, doubling, "octaving", etc...book?
  52. Wind Composition Advice
  53. Listening Intelligently to Atonal Music II
  54. Is there a strict definition for what is atonal?
  55. Listening Intelligently to Atonal Music III
  56. 32nds, 64ths...128ths
  57. About Harmony. When did this happen?
  58. Instructional Videos for Amateurs
  59. Best way of learning harmony?
  60. Prokofiev using a Händel theme?
  61. The Horizontal and the Vertical
  62. How to fugue ANY melody?
  63. Could you recommend me a good book about Bach vocal sacred works?
  64. Beethoven's voice leading
  65. Help with learning Figured bass/basso contginuo
  66. JS Bach choir size. Questions.
  67. BBC Radio's All In A Chord
  68. Can't quite achieve the sound in my music I want
  69. How to Read Sheet Music
  70. Is there a term for this kind of scale? If so what is it called?
  71. A Newbie Question
  72. Musicological books
  73. Getting a good and catchy melodies for trailer type music?
  74. Is this right way of 4 parts writting?
  75. 16th notes on top of triplets? How are they played together? (r/l hand piano)