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  1. Thoughts on Textbooks by Walter Piston
  2. Where to Learn Harmony/Music Theory since the Romantic Era
  3. Best way to learn to compose
  4. What is this section exactly on this Music Theory 'Cheat Sheet'?
  5. What scales (degrees) did Johann Sebastian Bach use?
  6. La Pastorle
  7. 3/4 exceeding bar: double?
  8. Squential Motion
  9. Fast tempos in authentic performances of baroque music
  10. Pop song vs. Sonata form
  11. Sonata Form Analyses.
  12. Classical music and non-classical music
  13. question about vivaldi key change
  14. Second Year Harmony book.
  15. BPM for Mahler's "Ich Bin Der Welt"?
  16. How would you treat this chord progression?
  17. Question about the Natural minor scale G aeolian mode
  18. “Write like Mozart”, a free course
  19. Voice leading question
  20. Classical concertos
  21. Music Theory for Classical Music Exams
  22. Best way of studying modern composition techniques?
  23. Polyphony technicalities
  24. When women started to sing in sacred works?
  25. How best to study specific composers?
  26. Choir size in Renaissance Polyphony
  27. How to define a movement in Baroque music?
  28. Books on late nineteenth/early twentieth century harmony and voice leading
  29. Beethoven's 7th Symphony, 2nd movement
  30. bemused
  31. Help requested re Walter Piston's Harmony
  32. Analysis of Schbert's chamber works?
  33. Oral composition, traditional music, and using oral composition in classical music
  34. key & mode question in 2 songs
  35. Nested Tuplets: Beginning to Approach Them Methodically
  36. Janacek's Harmonic Language?
  37. Combining different styles of music?
  38. George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept
  39. Favorite use 1/2 dim chord
  40. Sound and the Fibonacci Sequence
  41. Terms. Tonic Subdominant Dominant
  42. Chord inversions or something else making my track sound weird?
  43. Dynamics and classical music
  44. Choosing a key
  45. first listen for classical ain't worth a thing music is likee a fruit you slowly pea
  46. Piston's exercise from scales fragments
  47. Opus Infinate: Sound
  48. Voice Leading on Romantic Era
  49. Different Time Signatures and Themes - which to present first?
  50. Harmonic Centricity
  51. Composing, Musical vs. Opera
  52. Graphic/Visual Scores: where's the chat at?
  53. Countertenor and Castrato voices in Baroque Opera
  54. Has anyone heard of the The Atheist Codger Series?
  55. Tonality is established by root movement in fourths and fifths
  56. Natural, Harmonic, and Melodic minors
  57. Who was the author of Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565?
  58. Need Help with Figured Bass
  59. The Guitar and the Piano: Differences
  60. is there a convention for tempo changes in Tarantellas?
  61. Why does a II -> V sound jazzy even without the rhythm of Jazz?
  62. After a long time, back to theory with a simple question - Voice leading IV-V
  63. 4 part-writing exercise - need evaluation
  64. Music Theory Books
  65. Questions about orchestral score
  66. I need help with the harmonization of this melody with ground bass
  67. Schoenberg's Theory of Harmony
  68. Khan Academy`s music course (narrated by Gerard Schwarz)
  69. Voice leading question
  70. History of Orchestration
  71. Figured bass - Question on a specific case
  72. Geometric Voice Leading Presentation
  73. Trills
  74. Figured bass for a Dom 7th chord
  75. Music ideas