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  1. I don't fully understand key signatures. (Beginner)
  2. "Hum" created by lower strings
  3. Cassiopeia
  4. March in canon, why is it so dissonant
  5. What key to have the B section in?
  6. Why do I not hear polytonality with some keys?
  7. Analyzing an orchestral score (Symphony Eroica)
  8. Counterpoint as the hardest skill
  9. Help understanding piano music sheet
  10. Voice leading question
  11. Note value of a chord / Reducing chords to single notes
  12. Why is a harmonious canon so hard for most intervals?
  13. How does E7 fit with A Minor
  14. Enharmonic Equivalents
  15. Mizrahi music
  16. Time signature
  17. What is Music Theory?
  18. Decoding Beethoven
  19. A requiem's (not just Mozart's) "lyrics"
  20. Bach's choices in the chromatic ascent cross-over in the two WTC books
  21. Need Advice on Triplet Notation
  22. Classical/Romantic Concerto Sonata-Rondo Form
  23. Whistling Through Pursed Lips: An Interesting Phrnomenon?
  24. 8th Triplet note counting
  25. Is there a name for these effects in music?
  26. Baroque "chord progressions"
  27. Dragon-inspired Classical music?
  28. What constitutes a Trio?
  29. Overtone Spectrum Analysis Software
  30. Orchestration
  31. Is Locrian a minor mode or a diminished mode?
  32. Transposing and its effects
  33. Unaccented passing note
  34. Bach's Tuning
  35. Can you believe the Edward Elgar constructed his original theme out of 3 hints at Pi?
  36. atonal notation
  37. How to get more familiar with C clefs
  38. Tritone use
  39. What did Brahms mean by "true dissonance"?
  40. What chords is Angelo Badalamenti using in the main theme from Fire Walk with Me?
  41. Difference between appoggiatura and accented passing note
  42. Metaquestion: Why do you think posts to the theory sub-forum are so infrequent?
  43. Arppeggio question
  44. A Beatles song
  45. Harmonic puzzle, did I solve it?
  46. Experiences with Scanscore Anyone?
  47. Superb video on the "modulation cube" by 12tone
  48. Is there a name for this Medieval/Renaissance cadence?
  49. Chromatic diminished 7ths in Beethoven rondo, how does this harmony work?
  50. Learn counterpoint with automatic counterpoint exercise analyser
  51. Working out my F-minor chord pattern
  52. How to figure out if I have a good subject or not, is my strategy good?
  53. Jazz Theory with Barry Harris
  54. What are we to expect of Classical music in the future?
  55. Writing in major or minor without the "restriction" of the scales
  56. Increasing / Decreasing intervals
  57. Polymeter & Polytempo - The Differences (And Did Hack Music Theory Get It Wrong?)
  58. Why did Bach suspend the tritone here?
  59. Using G major as a secondary dominant to C minor?
  60. The Fermata is Wild
  61. How and why do composers pick keys?
  62. How does math come into play when composing music?
  63. Name this cadence
  64. Getting stuck figuring out a countermelody
  65. Perfect Pitch
  66. Should I use plagal motion to go back to G major?
  67. It is less respectable to compose in a minor key/dark mood?
  68. What makes a piece a Bagatelle?
  69. Why are keys a fifth away most closely related?
  70. Making a plagal cadence sound convincing as an ending, How?
  71. Why do root movements a fourth away tend to weaken the tonality of the key?
  72. Melodic chaos with harmonic grounding
  73. borrowing major bVII in harmonic minor?
  74. Why Is C Major Called A "Diatonic" Scale"? What Does "Diatonic" Mean?
  75. Creating a sense of being lost