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  1. Supertonic seventh chord or dominant seventh chord in minor key
  2. The Beethoven Variations
  3. Is Beethoven really being tonally ambiguous?
  4. Analysing Rondo a Capriccio: G to Ab modulation
  5. substitutes for the iiᵒ ??
  6. Checking accuracy of New Complexity rhythms
  7. Is the Perfect Fourth a Dissonance? If So, Why?
  8. Full harmonic analysis, Is is accurate?
  9. Rootless Triads in Beethoven Sonata, What?
  10. A musical language?
  11. What Does "Harmonic" Mean?
  12. Defining the Rondo form and Mozart's "Turkish" rondo in sonata K 331/300i
  13. How can I make sense of all of these arbitrary voice-leading rules?
  14. Online music theory course
  15. The Major Second Is Not Dissonant
  16. Orchestration
  17. Is writing a modal jazz piece easier than it looks?
  18. Piece functions help needed
  19. Music Keys: playing with other instruments
  20. Learn Music With Uematsu EP.2 - Texture, Dynamics and Intense Drama
  21. What did he mean by cloven hoof?
  22. My small piece - Criticism requested
  23. Another piece - Beware, strange things happening inside
  24. Barber's Adagio
  25. improvising out of key ? Amin over Dmin/Emin etc..
  26. Sad music in major keys
  27. Arnold Schoenberg
  28. Name this cadence
  29. My theory on 7th chord consonance
  30. One more small piece
  31. What is this chord progression from a NES videogame
  32. Another attempt...but my mind wonders
  33. Scales vs. Modes: What's the Difference?
  34. Beethoven sonatas for analysis,,,,,,,,,,
  35. meaning of double coda symbols...
  36. The Universal Encyclopedia of Scales
  37. How to Write Counterpoint
  38. Klangfarbenmelodie
  39. Augmented triad and the "Tristan Chord"
  40. Transition between minor chords
  41. Striated and Smooth Space.
  42. Please recommend music theory literature for a beginner
  43. Do keys matter?
  44. Secondary Dominants
  45. Why are scales important for writing melodies?
  46. Why is the tonic so important for melodies?
  47. How does the listener (subconsciously) know what scale a melody is being played in?
  48. Difference between scale an key?
  49. Why are there only seven letter-names for notes?
  50. What role does melody play in 2020???
  51. Learn to compose
  52. What determines the function of a chord?
  53. Mensural clefs or what in Debussy's music?
  54. Tension and Relief
  55. What's the Difference Between a Scale and a Key Signature?
  56. Did Wagner's music lead to atonality?
  57. Seventh chord with a lowered lowered fifth
  58. What is a diatonic Scale?
  59. Pure Music
  60. Myth of Non-Repetition in 12-Tone Music Videos
  61. What kind of system is used in this tab ?
  62. Is functional Harmony considered homophonic?
  63. My 12/8 problem
  64. Interval
  65. Does Gregorian chant have a "tonality?"
  66. Different Clefs: Tenor and Alto
  67. Chord Maps: How to Read Everything
  68. A question on ARVO PÄRT please
  69. What is musique concrète?
  70. Songs in 17/8
  71. How to make music in "Porcupine Temperament"
  72. First Claim: Harmony and Counterpoint Constrain One Another
  73. Harmony and Counterpoint Constrain One Another
  74. Parallel keys
  75. Deconstructing the 'Funky Mule' break into sixteenths