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  1. ...How to Listen To and Understand Beethoven's Symphonies?
  2. Is this an example of bariolage?
  3. Mozart in 12/8 except Lacrimosa?
  4. Automatic music : is it possible ?
  5. What is wrong with this Lilypond code?
  6. How are melodic intervals measured in terms of frequency ratio?
  7. Lifecycles
  8. The 18th century Neapolitan method: Partimento, Solfeggio and Counterpoint
  9. How does the tonic effect the sound of notes in a melody?
  10. Did Baroque music have "keys?"
  11. Music Course
  12. How does an established tonal center effect other notes/chords?
  13. Beginner singer's music theory questions
  14. Why do tendency tones want to resolve in the direction they do?
  15. Interval Names
  16. Schenker gets cancelled
  17. What aspects of post-CP theory should I learn to compose this piece properly?
  18. Need help understanding the neapolitan chord
  19. Beethoven's Razumovsky 3 Aug to N6 Magic Trick
  20. The heart has its reasons , which reason does not know
  21. What is G. D.
  22. famous youtuber and jazz musician adam neely claims music theory is racist
  23. Where to start...
  24. What is this clef?
  25. ...How to Listen To and Understand Atonal Music?
  26. I don't know what kind of music I'm writing
  27. Deceptive Cadece Guide
  28. Can someone identify my chord progression?
  29. mean tone and alternative tuning systems
  30. How would you define the characteristics/motivations of modern harmonic practice?
  31. Theories of Musical Form
  32. theory music lessons
  33. Partimento
  34. Rhythm in Handel's Water Music Suite III, Movements 21 and 22
  35. The Theory of Bach, Funk, Dizzy Jazz & Meaning of Life
  36. Analysis of Haydn Sonata (Hob XVI-7 Divertimento)
  37. How to interpret chromatic chord in Grieg's "Hjemve" (op. 57, no. 6)?
  38. Desire for Tech Forums Other than Music Theory
  39. Music Theory is Biased
  40. Help! Why are some of these notes small?
  41. Why isn't...
  42. Looking for online book.
  43. Explanation of False Endings
  44. Help! What musical style is this classified as?
  45. What’s the point of anharmonic?
  46. Try Music Theory App for free and Tell me if it helps you
  47. Chopin black keys
  48. Debussy / Images / Reflets dans l'eau - how do you describe this sequence?
  49. An "alien" subject in LvB's Eroica...admiration & question
  50. is this a chord substitution or a key change?