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  1. music theory?
  2. Music Theory
  3. Music Theory
  4. Counterpoint vs Harmony Theory
  5. Music theory
  6. Earliest uses of Neopolitan 6 chords
  7. Retrogade melodies
  8. A music theory terms reference thread?
  9. Morton Feldman in depth?
  10. Does atonal music really exist?
  11. Serial or free atonal? (Game)
  12. Bach's Unfinished Fugue - The Art of the Fugue
  13. The Formenlehre
  14. A music history/theory question that has always bothered me
  15. Need help with punctuated notes and triplets combined.
  16. Is it possible to be a legendary musician without an understanding of music theory?
  17. Microtonal music
  18. Sonata form without exposition
  19. First theme group changing from minor to major (or vice versa) in recapitulation
  20. What is Musical Set Theory?
  21. Ways to make the recapitulation different yet still sound like recapitulation
  22. My Problem with VII
  23. Bach Cello Suites Harmonic Analysis
  24. Nature vs. nurture
  25. Further analysis of Morton Feldman's Piano and String Quartet
  26. counterpoint
  27. Book recommendations?
  28. Structure of Baroque Suites
  29. Orchestral/Ensemble/Instrumental Groups?
  30. enharmonic modulation help
  31. Question: So... who decided that 'C' is 'C'?
  32. What did Schoenberg have in mind when he invented the 12-tone method?
  33. Analysing some music
  34. Learning Music Theory... without a Class...
  35. Specific examples of music quotations and motifs in Mahler symphonies
  36. How best to learn, about different ways of using harmony? (ie: chords, progressions)
  37. Cognition of Serial Music
  38. Music based on augmented and diminished triads
  39. difference between 3/4 and 3/8
  40. How to do a classical music analysis on a hip hop track
  41. Was serialism a move forward or backward?
  42. I think that I will use the term non-tonal instead...
  43. New Complexity and music theory
  44. Identifying string articulation
  45. which is the 'note division' of 4/4 compass?
  46. How to know the scale of a song?
  47. Have we already exhaustively explored all the possibilities of tonality?
  48. What Is The Point Of Sprechstimme?
  49. Why does this Schoenberg score visually group notes weirdly?
  50. Musicologist Question: Do Composers Have A Fave Length Of Time?
  51. who was the most influential musical theorist of the 20th century
  52. Need books recommendations on regional/traditionnal/world music theory
  53. Modulations / Tonicizations
  54. Problem with Beethoven 3rd symphony, one of the fugues of the last movement...
  55. Music is sound, and sound is harmonic, and harmony is instantaneous, and sound is bei
  56. I Think I Will Stop Using The Word "Impressionism"
  57. Tonality of popular music
  58. Counting Without a Score. Where is the accented beat?
  59. What did Beethoven mean?
  60. A scale question
  61. Observations about Pythagoras
  62. Your favorite 7th chord
  63. Augmented vs. Diminished
  64. Favorite non-Ionian, non-Aeolian diatonic mode
  65. The Mu chord. Yes or No?
  66. What truly makes a good orchestrator?
  67. Random theory questions that don't deserve their own thread
  68. What can I do about this?
  69. Orchestral music - Epic
  70. Help! I'm giving a lecture on the development of music from Pythagoras to 12 tone.
  71. Where do I go to learn more about harmony and theory?
  72. Pitch, Well-Tempered Clavier, Key, Phytagoeran theory - need help putting them togeth
  73. Favourite 'mode of limited transposition'
  74. Composing an Impromptu
  75. Theory and Analysis for the non musician?