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  1. Babbitt String Quartets
  2. Elliott Carter String Quartets
  3. What is the nature of a string quartet?
  4. Cesar Franck Violin Sonata arranged for Cello
  5. Sequence so melting that you wish it kept going
  6. Which recording of Brahms “Horn” Trio, Opus 40.
  7. Prominent Piano Trios & your favorites of their recordings
  8. Period versus modern? Please can you help me
  9. Why does Amazon think every piece of music is a ‘song’?
  10. Recordings of Kodaly Cello Sonata Op. 8?
  11. C.Gardel/Têhô El dia que me quieras Sergey Kolesov (saxophone) Chicaco Kajima (piano)
  12. Greatest pianist?
  13. Preferred Schumann Piano Quintet recording
  14. Question about Comments for a Work?
  15. Intl piano competitions with n without mandatory contemporary/commissioned work
  16. Dvorak String Quartets
  17. Poulenc Trio for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano
  18. Original compositions for String Quartet
  19. Rebecca Clarke Piano Trio really good but why?
  20. My solo arrangement for Emmanuel (by Michel Colombier)
  21. Beethoven Year - the piano sonatas
  22. Brahms' Piano Quartets
  23. Lyapunov transcendental etudes
  24. Beethoven - Diabelli Variations
  25. Bruckner: Chamber Music and Juvenalia
  26. Beethoven 'Hammerklevier' Sonata
  27. Vagn Holmboe String Quartets. A real "find"!
  28. Looking for a recording of an obscure violin piece
  29. Boreal Ballad for unaccompanied advanced clarinet solo.
  30. Characterisations of Musical Forms
  31. Incidents at competitions where member of jury protests majority decision vehemently
  32. Two New String Ensembles in Russian Music
  33. Well Tempered Clavier Books 1 & 2
  34. Passé concert etiquette of applause between movements: list of audio evidence
  35. Opus 131, first movement
  36. Mephisto Waltz
  37. First time with new group
  38. 21st Century Chamber Music
  39. The Contemporary String Quartet: works written since 1970
  40. Weiss: Lute Sonata in A minor, Weiss SW 29 "L'Infidèle"
  41. Shostakovich's String Quartets, a listening log
  42. Khachaturian Sabre Dance for Sax and Piano Sergey Kolesov - saxophone
  43. The First Chamber Piece I have ever really enjoyed.
  44. Mendelssohn piano trios. Recommended recordings
  45. Any tips for hearing quartets from quintets?
  46. Beethoven Op 74 "The Harp" Why not more popular?
  47. Andras Schiff at Wigmore Hall
  48. A safe pair of hands
  49. Robinson Panoramic Quartet (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass)
  50. Beethoven's sonatas, Fazil Say cycle
  51. Dvorak Piano Trios
  52. Classical/Romantic Piano Music
  53. Mozart G minor String Quintet finale
  54. Brahms’ Cello Sonatas - recommendations pls
  55. Unconventional Pianists
  56. Request: Mozart violin sonatas, on period instruments, with copious vibrato
  57. Concerti ranking
  58. Anton Reicha's Wind Quintets
  59. Trout quintet what's all the fuss?
  60. Franz Schubert: String Quintet
  61. A Specific String Quartet Sound
  62. New solo piano piece - Caprice (The Starlings)
  63. String quartet composition - Exmoor Pony
  64. Beethoven's last project WoO 62 - re-arranged and continued for string quartet
  65. Haydn Apponyi Quartets and Piano Trio recommendations?
  66. Mompou recording recommendations
  67. A Ballade for Piano by Teresa Carreño, Op.15. {19th century female composer.}
  68. 20th Century Russian String Quartets (set aside Shostakovich)
  69. Cello and String soloists *contra* Lute, Pipe Organ, and Harpsichord soloists
  70. Need some help please
  71. Lesser known quartet composers
  72. Is Brahms’ Clarinet Quintet overrated?
  73. Talk Classical's recommendations for solo and chamber music repertoire
  74. Works for ensemble and voice
  75. Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht