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  1. Acoustic Project String Ensemble - Album: Studio Live
  2. Historical musical instruments
  3. Classical music CD's.
  4. Scanscore Software
  5. Donizetti's Poliuto - Maria Callas and Franco Corelli in Genuine Stereo
  6. Revitalized Classics: Pavarotti's Debut in Genuine Stereo!
  7. Seminar 6th May - The Importance of Tuning for Better Performance
  8. We made an audible accompany app for classical players!
  9. New AdFontes Consort of Music is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo
  10. Trade on T.C what deprofundis seek Jachet de Mantoue Lamentation de Jeremie
  11. New Baroque - A commercial
  12. New Choral CD Release: The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chyrsostom by Kurt Sander
  13. Violin & piano duo
  14. A Whale of a CD Clearance Sale
  15. Whale of a cd sale continues...
  16. Opera and Vocal CDs - Stuff your Stockings