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  1. How Long Would It Take A Young Adult Prodigy To Learn Music/Violin etc From Scratch?
  2. Bassoon help
  3. The Factory LLC
  4. Starting an Instrument Late in Life - Any Hope of Becoming a Virtuoso?
  5. Opera song is performed live...
  6. I really want to get into classical music and I am not too good so can you help me
  7. The instrument in my head
  8. Hello... A guitar learner
  9. Just started learning Violin
  10. No teachers in sight?
  11. Left-handed picker!!
  12. Second instrument: viola or oboe?
  13. Viola or violin.
  14. Any advice on how to start with classical guitar?
  15. Oboe
  16. Would piano lessons help or hinder me?
  17. Changed bass instructors - big difference!
  18. Free Violin Course from Professional Violinist
  19. Music Theory Software Wishlist?
  20. Being a piano beginner again
  21. Start the Bassoon?
  22. I'm new to this place and I need help from you experts...please.
  23. Intensive Adult Music Programs?
  24. Musician Versatility
  25. I donĀ“t know where to begin listening classical music
  26. Tips on tuning by ear?
  27. Can you identify the instruments of this crossover cover of Caruso?
  28. college gamba player, what to do now?
  29. A Question About Functional Harmony (I think...)
  30. Find the mistakes, a little music game
  31. How difficult is it to learn the violin/what steps should I take?
  32. Can I use Google Chrome to load music by voice?
  33. Voicelinks
  34. Starting the piano
  35. Lets be clear about grade exams in the UK
  36. How to practice effectively.
  37. The importance of long notes practice.
  38. Study in Germany or France?
  39. Which instrument to take up as an adult newbie?
  40. Piano
  41. Creativity in beginner music.
  42. How do you tell if the instrument you are playing doesn't suit you?
  43. Ear tests disasters.
  44. The Path to Counterpoint
  45. Free & Worthwhile Online Piano Lessons?
  46. The concert problem.
  47. Violin or Clarinet?
  48. Help me to choose a clarinet
  49. Learning a New Instrument - Questions
  50. Auditions
  51. Classes on clarinet or classical guitar?
  52. Maybe violin? Where on earth do I start?
  53. Skype lessons
  54. The word 'classical' ....
  55. How do I make my piano playing less boring?
  56. Hand position and correct fingering for piano.
  57. Mandolin
  58. So I have this dream of playing in an orchestra...
  59. Is fingering important?
  60. This really annoys me.
  61. This annoys me as well.
  62. DG (Deutche Grammophon) discovery for beginners
  63. Question about the orchestra
  64. new and nervous to piano playing
  65. heres to hoping theres some help
  66. Exam nerves
  67. Flute notes
  68. Listening Advice
  69. Hello
  70. Beginning to sing again
  71. Thinking About Starting to Learn the Piano
  72. Cello London / Lonely Cellist!
  73. Learning to play the cello
  74. CQuiz: Learn the composers!
  75. Wanting to learn recorder-- any tips?