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  1. Flute player looking to take up a 2nd woodwind
  2. Electric Violin Recommendation for new adult player
  3. Concerning the Rarity of Contrabass Woodwind Instruments
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  6. Anyone using Ars Nova Counterpointer software?
  7. Fingering chart with a recorder with six finger holes holes
  8. Where to look for orchestral backing (accompaniment) tracks?
  9. Help needed! How should I play these notes?
  10. Key signatures and grid boxes above the treble clef stave
  11. Do you use "Essential Elements String Book" to learn the violin?
  12. As a beginner, should I get an eletric instrument or a traditional one?
  13. Finding a tune...
  14. How Does One Know If They Are Improving?
  15. How to transform piano hitting to recorder sheet?
  16. Classically Trained Musician
  17. Hi from Toronto, Canada
  18. Something I Learned That Most of Y'all Already Knew
  19. Is It Ever Too Late to Learn Sight Reading?
  20. Advice on learning new musical instrument
  21. Kalimba
  22. Arthritis and playing