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  1. What happened to legato?
  2. Please suggest more vocal music.
  3. The TC Top 100 Recommended Art Songs
  4. Händel's Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno
  5. Vibrato minimization?
  6. Ave Maria for Soprano and Alto
  7. Vier Letzte Lieder - orchestra size?
  8. is there a version of Beim Schlafengen (strauss four last songs) ever in english -
  9. Berg Vocal Music
  10. What do you think of my voice?
  11. Any streaming radio for vocal music?
  12. Major art song composers
  13. Art song duets
  14. English songs?
  15. Need help finding Bass repertoire
  16. Wine, Chocolate, and the Female Voice
  17. Vocal music similar to Debussy/Ravel?
  18. Singers who don't scoop
  19. Great traditional singer from Georgia
  20. Scottish soprano, Isobel Buchanan, exquisite rendition of the Robert Burns song
  21. How rare is the whistle register among males?
  22. Italian songs
  23. CounterTenors
  24. Bass
  25. Richard Strauss - Four Last Songs - Who's the mummy?
  26. Baritone
  27. Where can I find repertoire lists organized by vocal range?
  28. leontyne price query
  29. Some hype for Ockeghem by the modernist composer Ernst Krenek
  30. Overtone singing
  31. Ristenpart Bach Cantatas project
  32. Can one person play piano AND sing lieder at the same time?
  33. Looking for more vocal music
  34. Songs in Time of War
  35. "Non-HIP" polyphony recordings
  36. Zari Trio - Republic of Georgia vocal choral group from Toronto, Canada
  37. Tenors who actually sound like men
  38. Where to find US digital download of Anna Prohaska's first album "Sirene"?
  39. Choral Music with Organ Accompaniment - Recommendations
  40. Tenor High Notes
  41. Seriously Out of Date?
  42. Mixed Voice
  43. Recital Repertoire Ideas
  44. Recommend me longer works for bass or baritone soloist?
  45. Why do some roles require a mature voice?
  46. Landini and Italian Ars Nova (14th Century) - Alla Francesca
  47. songs not in operatic style
  48. Schubert Song Cycles (Female Vocalist)
  49. Cecilia Bartoli - What vocal range is she?
  50. Das Glück der Freundschaft, Op. 88
  51. Chorus in Myaskovsky's Sixth Symphony
  52. What are Your Favorite Schubert Lieder Albums?
  53. Favourite Lieder, Mélodies & Art Song Albums
  54. Schoenberg: Das Buch der hängenden Gärten, Op. 15
  55. Orchestral Songs
  56. Help Identifying Title & Singer
  57. Falsetto: Nay or Nay?
  58. Do You Prefer Lieder Sung In Your Own Vocal Range?
  59. Il Volo Fan
  60. Fritz Wunderlich
  61. Can vocalise gurus identify this one?
  62. Post a clip of you singing something!
  63. Contralto concerns
  64. An exciting moment during "Requiem aeternam - War Requiem" Britten
  65. Raucheisen Leider
  66. Contemporary Music
  67. What do you think of yodeling?
  68. Young singer
  69. Swingle Singers
  70. Vogl's embellishments of Schubert's Songs
  71. Favorite Handel's cantatas
  72. Seeking participants for online choir study
  73. Basses and Baritones in Contemporary Music?
  74. Your favourite 15, 10, or 5 albums of songs by classical composers?
  75. Challenge: Seeking Russian Orthodox inspired choral works with orchestra!