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  1. i bought a budget title 5$ on naxos is it good? my opinion
  2. 20th Century Lieder
  3. Gesualdo's responsoria 1611 and madrigals 1-6
  4. Verdi's requiem
  5. Top Three 14th Century Motets
  6. Balalaika's Eastern European Block
  7. Lost and found hebraic melodies
  8. What are the best madrigalist pre-baroque
  9. who were the first madrigalist? who invented the madrigals?
  10. The all mighty power of vocal music
  11. Gender and vocal preference
  12. Favorite "et vitam venturi"
  13. The new 2CD Gombert album by Beauty Farm
  14. monteverdi madrigals?
  15. exiting new medieval vocal music cd
  16. 1515 sacred works of Jean Mouton
  17. Mozart lieder
  18. Favourite Sources for Texts to Lieder and Other Vocal Works
  19. Bach Cantata Recs please
  20. What is your favorite motet ever?
  21. Mahler's Kindertotenlieder
  22. Schwartzkopf's sound - do you really like it?
  23. Best Wintereisse?
  24. Dreams of the Fallen
  25. Monteverdi 8th Book of Madrigals translation?
  26. Best CD of Egmont Incidental Music
  27. what are the best french madrigalists?
  28. Counertenors, yes or no?
  29. Melody of the day
  30. XMAS Choir/Chorus/Choral recommendations
  31. Amazing - and unexpected - interpretation of Mondnacht
  32. Melodie and Art Songs about Music
  33. Songs about the seasons
  34. Ending Song for Recital
  35. Tenor Art Songs about Yearning
  36. Trying to find Choral Piece
  37. Thomas Tallis versus Orlande de Lassus motets?
  38. Participants for Online Research Study on Choir Singing
  39. Rachmaninov lithurgy of st john
  40. Opinions wanted...
  41. Do you like vocal music more than instrumental?
  42. what make good decent vocal music my verdict
  43. How come since i discover vocal music it's so hard to lisen to instrumental again?
  44. What do you preffer motets or madrigals?
  45. Erstarrung (from Winterreise)
  46. Can someone explain me what is a magnificat and vocal music differentt styles?
  47. Carl orff vocal music anyone? his second and third part of his trilogy
  48. Lassus Prophetiae Sybillarum what your favorite version of this masterpiece?
  49. Overtone Singing
  50. Art songs with female choir?
  51. What Exactly Is an Irish Tenor?
  52. I think im ready for palestrina contrapuntic style any Palestrina expert here on TC?
  53. probably the most beautifull vocal work i heard so far
  54. German
  55. The Bach Cantatas thread
  56. What are the greatest motets of all time your top 10 list?
  57. Need help determining the format of a song
  58. Recommend me a good Stabat Mater (Dvorak)
  59. Does avant-garde existed during Gregorian era or avant-gregorian music?
  60. What are your favorite Schubert Lieder?
  61. Favorite voice type
  62. ancient christian greek orthodox vocal music
  63. Who can identify this Lied?
  64. who where the first madrigalists Jacopo da Bologna?
  65. Humorous songs from the Renaissance
  66. Time travel trough ars antiqua whit one cd
  67. what your favorite music works among is hudge output missa and motets?
  68. simply one of the prettiest vocal work i heard so far: Graduel d'AliƩnor de Bretagne
  69. Nikolas Tichomiroff
  70. Let's talk about motets and isorhytmic motets shawll we?
  71. Anticredos
  72. Help identifying this vocal piece
  73. earliest chansoniers versus later chansonier in medieval chanson genra ?
  74. music of medieval basque kingdom
  75. Historical Singers