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  1. vocal music you find hellish and kinda satanic?
  2. vocal music of the balkan i find one heck of a cd
  3. New song: "Ave Maria (Ellen's Prayer)"
  4. bizzare or exotic medieval vocal music of choice ?
  5. Vocal music sounded better whit decibels abuse trough headphones, i shawll explain?
  6. Scholarship Michiko Hirayama
  7. Repertoire advice - Tenor voice, organ, and something else out of the ordinary
  8. recommendation needed Choir and orchestal work
  9. Stravinsky : Oedipus Rex
  10. Something very true about vocal music...
  11. Any good unknown repertory for a working, young, Baritone?
  12. 16th century classical composers that use dissonance more and better?
  13. Arrangement - Sally Gardens
  14. Requiem for the Living
  15. Do you play whit sound (nobs) more bass for old recording of vocal music?
  16. Help! What song/genre is this?
  17. Opera Singer Training
  18. Pre-18th century Italian art song?
  19. Favorite recordings of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau?
  20. what are the prettiest wrork of renaissance you consider as pure gems yet it's obscur
  21. what are your favorite kilometric (long lasting) motets of all time?
  22. Favorite bass/baritone solo piece?
  23. Influencial vocal music? i would says Mozarabic Chants would proof worthy!
  24. Thomas Crecquillon Missa mort ma privé is perhaps one of the prettiest missa
  25. Haydn: The Creation recording recommendations?
  26. Here my verdict about Nicolas Gombert? brilliant composer but???
  27. ars antiqua that not fully gregorian and kinda strange monks music any advice?
  28. Lieder/songs/arias about Winter/Cold/Snow - making a playlist
  29. Sarah Brightman
  30. protuguese polyphony is awesome
  31. Arvo Pärt - Summa, fugal?
  32. Vocal music a passion
  33. doom-laden lamentation of renaissance of choice you mantory lisening?
  34. How can someone quite possibly get tired of motettens or thee art of motets?
  35. Period Instrument Messiah Sets on CD
  36. Christmas carols
  37. Help Finding...
  38. Help! What voice type do I have?
  39. BenjiBass Vocal Theory
  40. Trying to describe a certain voice technique more accurately
  41. For the German speakers...
  42. Digital Music for Vocals
  43. Favorite Cecilia Bartoli Recordings
  44. Evaluating a Singer's Performance in a Large Vocal and Orchestral Piece of Music
  45. Do you like Hugo Wolf?
  46. Liszt - Vor hundert jahren (1859) (unpublished)
  47. once you get a good taste of vocal music it last evermore more so than instrumental?
  48. Jackie
  49. 4th International Early Music Vocal Competition in Poland
  50. A salute to the youth of to day
  51. Why didn't Mozart write any concert arias for baritones?
  52. Great New Choir: Oceania
  53. Looking for Vocal duets with instrument
  55. female baritones?
  56. Need an idea for soprano & orchestra repertoire
  57. How come no one care about Mozarabic Chants i find the music so soulful?
  58. Foreign Languages
  59. Prokofiev- Aleksander Nevskiy, Field of the Dead
  60. Searching for Music Similar to Schubert's Deutsche Messe
  61. Saint-Saens Melodies orchestrated
  62. Max Kowalski: "Ihre Locken", for voice and piano
  63. Recommendation of works to a beginner choir
  64. Bach Cantatas
  65. One Voice per Part! (William Byrd Motets, Palestrina Motets)
  66. Suggestions for songs about 'Home'
  67. Your go-to recording of 'In Trutina'.
  68. Translating lieder/chansons/libretti, etc.
  69. Britten: Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings Op.3
  70. Trying to sing the High C
  71. etudes?
  72. Six Songs on Poems by Walt Whitman - Composed by Steven Lebetkin
  73. Music to Poems by Walt Whitman
  74. Lieder ohne worte
  75. Mélodie recommendations