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  1. Classical Indian Vocal Music
  2. Classical Music is getting fame in 2018
  3. My first time singing opera
  4. Vivaldi Gloria
  5. Spinto boy soprano
  6. "Killers" from Three Sandburg Songs
  7. Recommendations of Monteverdi's Vespers
  8. Medieval, Arabic vocal music
  9. Early music anthology
  10. What is included in category of art songs?
  11. songs by Ben Weber, Francisco Mignone, Carlos Veerhoff,..
  12. Schreier's Wintereisse?
  13. Singers songwriters vs. art songs?
  14. De Wert madrigals and motets ears candy!! voila i said iit
  15. Pitch questions
  16. Elgar Dream of Gerontius - Handley
  17. Grandfather's Birthday
  18. Suggestions for pieces similar to Thomas Tallis' "If Ye Love Me"
  19. What does "ij." stand for?
  20. Bach: Mass in B minor, BWV 232
  21. The greatest female vocal passages
  22. mozarabic chants is spiritual, charming, holy to my ears what about you guys
  23. Peter C. Lutkin
  24. accompaniment in one Key...singing in another Key?
  25. Mahler Das Lied von Der Erde
  26. John Stanley Cantatas and oratorios
  27. Songs of Schubert
  28. Veljo Tormis: Singing Aboard Ship
  29. Mahler 4 Singer Variation
  30. French Musical Theatre 1918 to 1944
  31. Mozart: Requiem Mass in D minor, K. 626
  32. Who sings publicly or profesonaly
  33. Art songs about nature/mother earth?
  34. Trying to find a great recording of Morgen (aka what is Schwartzkopf singing?)
  35. Confused about my fach
  36. Das Lied von Der Erde
  37. Please help with Translation of German to English
  38. Ravel's Shéhérazade
  39. Hugo Wolf
  40. Josquin Desprez & Palestrina
  41. Mahler Das Knaben Wunderhorn
  42. Montserrat Caballe: Les Maitres Italiens de l'Art Lyrique, Vol 7
  43. Orchestral songs/song cycles
  44. Mahler -- Lieder und Gesänge aus der Jugendzeit
  45. Christmas choral music (SATB) + Organ
  46. Charles Ives- 114 Songs
  47. Looking for recommendations to learn about early music (Gregorian, ars antiqua, etc.)
  48. First Classical Vocal Work You Ever Heard?
  49. Favorite Non-Operatic/Choral/Oratorio/Requium/Mass/Symphonic Orchestral Vocal Work
  50. Four Last Songs, Richard Strauss
  51. Beethoven’s Lieder
  52. Does one have to know the language to enjoy the music?
  53. The Blue Danube - Der Schöne Blaue Donau
  54. Messiah--Best Recording with Female Conductor
  55. Were countertenors specifically called for in Early Music?
  56. Change in tessitura
  57. Santoliquido's Three Persian Songs
  58. Help Needed To Manage Winterreise!
  59. Contemporary Choir Requests
  60. Peter Schrier concert singing Mozart
  61. St John Passion by Masaaki Suzuki - April 2020 presentation
  62. Correspondences Between Goethe's Erlkönig and Doctor Dark
  63. Baroque period song for high baritone
  64. Sergei Rachmaninoff: hope to get help with the titles
  65. Mahler Song Cycles
  66. Kathleen Battle: FIVE JAPANESE LOVE SONGS
  67. 'Swooping'/'Drooping' in Singing of Italian Madrigals
  68. Bidu’ Sayao and Bachiana Brasileira No. 5