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  1. Good (prog) lps with BUTTERFLY on cover
  2. Morty's Evil Theme
  3. Mushrooms, Jimmehs. Mushrooms.
  4. Prog Popularity Prolapse on this forum
  5. Burning Question
  6. Blue Öyster Cult
  7. Bosch & Bosch-like coverarts
  8. Jazz that swings
  9. Live skull one amazing band, kinda sound like chinese melody and atonalism blend in
  10. Great Sax Solos
  11. Way back in time: a non-classical lp that really got under your skin
  12. Your favorite decade in popular music?
  13. Do whatever thou wilt, thou canst (cannot)....
  14. The songs of Mike Chapman
  15. What genres do you listen to?
  16. why is pop nowaday so bad?
  17. Music ideal for a violent bar fight in a movie
  18. Monk Mania!
  19. The worth of a Prog Masterman
  20. Lps that end supremely
  21. LPS you always see in the used bins
  22. Deprofundis acceptable etheric pop rock JESU of (j.k flesh fame)
  23. Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer Prize in music for 2018
  24. In popular music, what's more important to you, lyrics, or music itself?
  25. Homages in popular music
  26. Parallel timeline of classical and popular music
  27. Radiohead
  28. The Difference Between Italy and Germany! ;)
  29. Tomorrow is International Record Store Day
  30. Glam Rock
  31. Looking for Persian / Arabic influenced Jazz recommendations
  32. Bogus Takeaways
  33. Mental Compromise
  34. Filmore: the good and the .....suck
  35. The Passionate Lila Downs
  36. The Strange Magic of: Danielia Cotton
  37. The Strange Magic of: Alanis Morissette
  38. Awesome Jazz Piano Duets...
  39. 60s/70s LPS purposely made bad/weak
  40. The classy Music of Kate Ceberano
  41. Xian Paych (Obscure Christian 60s and 70s Underground Music)
  42. Musicmap, what do you think?
  43. Their very first lp release was LIVE
  44. A Sad Day For Rock Guitarists Everywhere
  45. The Strange Magic of: Ani DiFranco
  46. Greatest Rock Guitar player - Terry Kath
  47. Thoughts on Keith Jarrett?
  48. Hard times for Gibson Guitars...for Rock n' Roll also?
  49. The guiltiest of guilty pleasures - Eurovision 2018
  50. The Genius of Bud Powell
  51. Merzbow Pulse Demonvs MerzboowVenerology,((Merzbow best period ever)
  52. Tal Wilkenfeld on bass
  53. Symphonic metal Discord server is up! Would you kindly join us for some fun times?
  54. The Strange Magic of: The Indigo Girls
  55. When they play Aphex Twin at Church
  56. George Shearing/Mel Torme from the Complete Concord Recordings
  57. Surf music ~ your favorites & recommendations, please!
  58. Cole Porter sings "You're The Top"
  59. Why are "solo" artists (mainstream or not) more relevant than bands these days?
  60. Who ireally invented grunge ,americans or aussies here my cues on this
  61. Seperated at birth Gore Wrede album & king Crimson: Red perriod ,there a corelation?
  62. Latelly i uncover a work i made of dark noise metal stoner band from the 1990 alone
  63. What would you say about the voice of the singer?
  64. so i post one my concrete music (noise) on bandcamp
  65. Forever More
  66. Non-Classical Concerts You Are Attending
  67. Deprofundis garage instrumental noise-rock from the early 1990'' Bloodmoney
  68. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
  69. Former Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Danny Kirwan Dead at 68
  70. Do u like Lycia: Ionia and Cold albums out of there output so far, it's there best 2
  71. Dissecting Table (Japan) ''Zigoku'' album is a cult album, you got to listen to it!
  72. My top five artists/bands today are...
  73. can someone review Usine no.451 a very intellectual mensa noise fan please or comment
  74. The best Guitarist Poll
  75. Best British Guitarists Poll - Quarterfinals - Group A