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  1. Music Diary - Chat Thread.
  2. Something for a change
  3. Whom is sludgier in these two band Cavity 2017 release or old Floor post 4 purist?
  4. cheezy music you like because it fight depression, you enjoy it no mather how corny ?
  5. Requiem Laus - "The Future" (Official 2019)
  6. What to think of Deprofundis Ayahuasca Grinding noise-metal\instrumental sludge?
  7. Did Gira of SWANS (early) fame copy Theoratical Gurls(Glenn Branca) format and sound
  8. Zappa Analysed - Melodic Style (St. Alfonzo, RDNZL)
  9. NOX 80'' golden era of industrial brutal skronk made in France
  10. The Get-It-On (Pyramid) PROG game
  11. Old Swans VS old Dissection table, a USA versus Japan who done visceral brutal music?
  12. Marc Seberg ,simply put,simply said best pop-rock,new-wave R cold-wave band of France
  13. A post 4 Dutch rocker old timer anything akind to GORE-wrede the cruel peace 2x Lps?
  14. Shakespeare and Folk Songs
  15. My Strange Piano Hand(s)
  16. Favorite Jazz beside great Cecil Taylor = Painkiller:Guts of a virgin,Burried secrets
  17. Was Buddy the inventor of Nerd-Rocker way before Weezer i ask a japanese gurl on T.C
  18. What do you listen when your angry, bitter ect in non-classical music?
  19. Why is rap music homophobic an gay rap dont have exposure when metal,punk is?
  20. CD review: Storm warning by Andrew Roussak
  21. I found an old noise-metal project good news bad news It to long for Bandcamps?
  22. The A to Z Guide to Garage Rock/ Proto-Punk...
  23. Groundbreaking purchases I say ,thanks Norman Bates I now hook to brutal skronkjazz!
  24. Arte de la noise is to Japanese what Jazz is to afro-americans, viva la noise !!!
  25. My Fair Lady
  26. I'm looking for instrumental grind or grindcore real loud sludgy & noisy
  27. Your Favorite CONTEMPORARY Progressive Rock Bands
  28. Im mad at metalhead scene and encyclopdia Metallum what a bunch of clown punk idiots
  29. Rocker\metal\punker corner, What T-shirt or patch have you bough lately
  30. I want people lots of em review my band Wreckage on Bandcamp, Noisy hell production?
  31. This new song needs a like!
  32. Shakspearian battle Cetlic Frost Into pandemonium vs Into Megatherion which best?
  33. The Mole Trilogy
  34. Dweezil Zappa
  35. Ruinous,unfortunate choices for band names
  36. The most amazing song you have ever heard!
  37. "Plastic people, oh baby you're such a drag"
  38. Ultimate Jukebox! - Vintage: June 1965
  39. Roky Erikson passes
  40. The Ultimate Jukebox - A Celebration of the 45 rpm Single...
  41. non-classical pop sensation video that make you laugh to tears
  42. Music Box I bought my Niece
  43. Ashokan Farewell
  44. Dr. John in memoriam
  45. Late 60s/70s rock LPS that came with posters
  46. Equimanthorns vs Abruptum which you like best so far in conceptual black metal?
  47. I hate to admit it but Burzum ''Filosophem'' is a good album regardless of Vikernes ?
  48. Do you find this music of Ennio Morricone very depressing?
  49. Jazz Piano Trios
  50. Regarding the near-future worth of rare records
  51. Sly & the Family Stone
  52. I stare in an abyss of mediocrity in pop kitsch is there worst than this guy
  53. Stephanie Trick - Stride Piano
  54. Music of the 1920s
  55. Artists You Saw Live For The First Time Late in Their Careers
  56. New Thom Yorke Album
  57. New Chick Corea Album (Tomorrow, 6/27/2019)
  58. Kate Bush Documentary (For members with a BBC licence)
  59. Goldie - Inner City Life
  60. Krusty rock of the bikers of the 70-80, beside Lobby Loyde & Coloured Balls aussie!
  61. Goldie - Inner City Life
  62. Paradoxal music , so bad it's good, it's exists folks please check this
  63. Rush is to English canadians the same as U2 for irish insult Rush at ur own risk?
  64. Stuff you wonder if it exist you wanna ear it?
  65. RIP Joao
  66. Your Top Albums Ever
  67. Hip hop violin duos ''Black Violin'' and ''Nuttin but stringz''
  68. Why can't non-classical music be more... "linear"?
  69. Cult album of grinding free-jazz, haail John Zorn, Guts of a virgin,sludgy skronk!
  70. Somewhere over the rainbow
  71. How come each style S*cck nowaday I will be fair whit every style I know of?
  72. Vinyl make return for classical listener & jazz, u wonder why cassette too, 4 metal?
  73. A pretty solid release of blues Goin' down south blues sampler I'm highly impressed!!
  74. Beatles vs Stones!
  75. Krusty instrumental rock guitar-laden in the red amps smokin at 11, nowaday please??