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  1. New turntable
  2. Music Freedom for iPhone 3GS
  3. How can i get my groove on/get down wit' ma bad self/get "jiggy" wit' it...
  4. bose soundock series ii or soundfreaq sound platform ii?
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  6. 3.5mm Audio Jack vs. 30-pin (or 8-Pin) Jack for iPod
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  8. High Fi or .... ?
  9. Amar Bose has died
  10. Tacet's "Tube Only" Series
  11. Question about a problem while transferring vinyls to computer
  12. New Hi-Res Recorder
  13. Who listen to their collection with Meridian audio gear?
  14. Hi-Res Digital - What are you using?
  15. Crackling noise from tweeter in KEF IQ30 bookshelf speakers
  16. High Fidelity Pure Audio
  17. Heaven help me, the wife is turning into an audiophile!
  18. RIP Ray Dolby
  19. New Speakers!
  20. Are pc speakers as good as a 'system' which uses an amplifier and speakers ?
  21. Martin Logan elecrostat speakers........................
  22. Listening Room Gallery
  23. Engineering
  24. Hi Fi myths
  25. Best All In One LP Player?
  26. Favourite Hi-fi workout record
  27. iTunes and Universal Music Group classical releases
  28. Test Post
  29. Signal Processing for Mac
  30. How much does the space around the sound make on the sound itself?
  31. Another great video on audio measurements by Ethan Winer of the AES
  32. Not Hi-Fi myths
  33. Bigshot's Theater
  34. Class 'D' amplifiers...?
  35. Wo hoo my new headphone amp
  36. Placebo-philes
  37. Streaming and sound quality (Spotify and MOG)
  38. Concert Hall Sound
  39. Music streaming and network storage
  40. Are there any high end Blu Ray players available?
  41. Tube amps vs. solid-state for classical music and opera
  42. Transferring LPs to Computer Files and "Flutter"
  43. Oppo PM-1
  44. Headphone amp question: gain?
  45. Hot-Fi
  46. The Guardian lays it down
  47. Looking for a Speaker/Sound Bar Anything to Improve the Sound from our Apple Computer
  48. Tech Help Please: Lossless Downloads to CD
  49. Earphone/Headphone suggestions and reviews
  50. I will NEVER understand how Denon
  51. A theatre's stage in your living room with no need for opera glasses
  52. The first thing to go on Stereos
  53. Dolby Atmos For Home Theaters
  54. Studio Monitors instead of hifi speakers, a good choice for classical listening?
  55. I made a purchase that just changed everything.
  56. Stereo or Multi-channel?
  57. Kittens and Cables!
  58. What makes diff CDs of same piece sound different?
  59. Looks like I have to get an ipod!
  60. Do longer LPs sound worse?
  61. Techno Mania
  62. The Ipod Classic is dead...
  63. Best portable speaker(s) for a tablet- UK
  64. Music Streamers
  65. Relatively easy way to get into high-res FLAC downloads, SACDs, and Blu-ray audio
  66. Best speakers for classical
  67. Recommend me a good amp
  68. Keeping MP3 Tags/Metadata Consistent
  69. Sound Quality Question (issue with a CD set)
  70. Cut Cable Cord
  71. Your Speaker System
  72. Oppo Digital BDP-105
  73. Recommend me some good earbuds for classical music in the $0-$100 price range.
  74. Encoding CD's into Apple Lossless versus FLAC?
  75. Which turntable do you guys use and/or recommend?