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  1. Why do i love old Lp, old vynil rule moreso than newer one a thicker Lp sound better?
  2. Cheap Headphones + Interface + Classical Music
  3. How different is buying high end audio In 2018 than It was in 1978?
  4. Interesting Interview With Mastering Legend Bob Ludwig.
  5. Why don’t recordings sound as like live music?
  6. Class A amp
  7. Speaker's Corner
  8. Why does one CD player work and the other not?
  9. Replacing an iPod battery
  10. My car audio can't 'read' the SD Card in my phone.
  11. CD’s are still the best playback format according to John Darko!
  12. Direct Stream Memory Player
  13. C.M you need analogue to really experience the greatness of music,vocal music perhaps
  14. Has anyone here heard SACD?
  15. Medici.tv via chromecast?
  16. Can a pre-amp make a power amp sound better?
  17. Can you hear mastering in MP3s? I can.
  18. Crackling, popping noise
  19. MP3s sound like crap through speakers
  20. Positive and Negative
  21. How to set amplifier input sensitivity.
  22. What is PRaT?
  23. Class A vs Class AB amplifiers
  24. Class D Amps to drive difficult loads
  25. Titanium Dome Tweeters Sound Like Crap
  26. Treble boost
  27. CD ripping question about physical rearrangement of resulting files
  28. Speaker Stands
  29. Set-up question (turntable); can anyone help?
  30. What do you think of this?
  31. How to digitally connect my computer to an integrated amp via cable.
  32. Do all red book streamers sound the same?
  33. Sonos 'Port' replaces Sonos 'Connect' - $399
  34. Some basic questions about volume, gain, sensitivity and impedance.
  35. PC-Based Audio Equipment for Classical Music
  36. Advice on purchasing a CD player
  37. Advice for a USB CD Drive
  38. Album listing with "Original Version" for selected tracks (?)
  39. Advice on speakers
  40. Sennheiser Top of the Line Head Phones - €60,000 / I tried 'em out...
  41. N00b needs help with Receiver/Speakers
  42. Budget speakers and headphones
  43. Any experts on Zoom?
  44. Hardware
  45. Jvc xrcd
  46. Blu-ray audio and remastering questions
  47. Headphone static at low volume
  48. A decent bt headphone for exercise.
  49. Wireless floorstanders?
  50. Opinions please
  51. Harman curve any good?
  52. Maintain audio quality with Audacity
  53. Mono Recordings Converted to Stereo
  54. What is your target music speakers?
  55. Streamers
  56. Free classical app for Spotify users
  57. Need Port Number to get Track Titles on CD Ripper
  58. Zoom Q8 Recorder
  59. How and When do you listen to music?
  60. Making the transition from loudspeakers to headphones...
  61. Your Favorite Recording of Pictures At An Exhibition
  62. Does streaming create sound quality issues?
  63. "Bit Perfect" Linux Output?
  64. Compared to vinyl, how poor is iTunes/Music sound quality?
  65. Hi-fi/speaker question
  66. Recommend an SACD player
  67. Vinyl played from the inside out?
  68. Linear Tracking Turntables
  69. Audio Interface for Mac, Garage Band
  70. Recording from the past that you'd like to see released as a Hi-rez download
  71. Super Audio CD/Hi-res downloads
  72. Favorite Quotes About Hi-Fi
  73. Cyclophonic Miracle Sound
  74. Remastering
  75. Combined Age of Your Vintage HiFi