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  1. Johannes Brahms - Composer of the Week, January 8, 2007
  2. Franz Schubert - Composer of the Week, January 22, 2007
  3. Georg Friedrich Händel
  4. Sergei Rachmaninoff
  5. An (Easy) Intro' to The Art of Fugue
  6. Seeking writers for new articles
  7. Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000)
  8. 20th Century: Music in Mexico - A brief look
  9. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2
  10. Karnatic Music, Tradition and Enlightenment
  11. Carmen. The World's Most Loved Opera
  12. Isaac Albeniz. Guitar Strings to Heartstrings
  13. Is Music the Creation of Divinity?
  14. The Story Behind ‘Brief Encounter’
  15. The Strange Story of Stephen Collins Foster
  16. Quivering Quavers: Spain’s Shameful Secret
  17. The Star is the Guitar
  18. A CLASSICAL LIFE (A Musical Soliloquy)
  19. Did you miss something today?
  20. Elgar's Enigma Breakthrough
  21. The Pleasure of Knowing an Author
  22. How to earn money by writing articles for internet?
  23. Ring Cycle- Clearing the Mists (commentary on Sept. 2010 'Opera News' article)
  24. Scriabin and the Symbolist Aesthetic
  25. Language, Music and Emotion
  26. Composers' Opinions
  27. Holy Inspired
  28. The Musical of Musicals!
  29. Gustav Leonhardt: "Beethoven's Ninth is such a platitude, Karajan was mediocre""
  30. Albéniz and Sánchez
  31. 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a Young Musician
  32. Jonas Kaufmann interview (new)
  33. Shostakovich 5th Smphony - Tolstoy review
  34. Gidon Kremer: why I quit the celebrity ratrace - a 'must read.'
  35. Vladimir Jurowski about Mahler, Phillip Glass, Russia, Germany, Glinka
  36. Promoted glamor, glitz and the decline of quality in the classical music industry
  37. Walter Homburger, Impresario (Interview)
  38. Copyright board to charge for music at weddings, parades
  39. 'A Violin Once Owned by Goebbels Keeps Its Secrets'
  40. A View of the Forest
  41. 'What Is Going on with the Recording Industry?'
  42. Law Publications for Musicians
  43. Mostly Mozart
  44. Haydn’s true place in music history – once lost, now regained
  45. Tradition, German style
  46. Top musicians judged as much on their movements as for the music making (!!!!!)
  47. Taggart TV detective
  48. On the Exploitation of Classical Musicians
  49. Classical Music Critic on "Who is the greatest composer?"
  50. Advice to a College Music Student
  51. Juilliard 2014 Commencement speech - Joyce Di Donato
  52. Collaborative musicians: "synchronization in a mutually interacting complex system"
  53. "Permission" to like unfamiliar music
  54. My Erlkonig Analysis Paper, for Music Theory
  55. Orchestras in the 21st Century - a new paradigm
  56. Alfred Brendel
  57. Paganini - vampire virtuoso?
  58. Thoughts About Cante Flamenco
  59. Review: Pierre Boulez - Répons
  60. Longest Reverb
  61. Devaluation of music
  62. Shostakovich: Quartets 13, 14 &15 Schnittke: Quartet No. 3, Gerard McBurney
  63. interesting but a bit depressing article
  64. Talk Classical: Rife with hyper-hedonics!
  65. How to write a melody?
  66. Covid-19 and piano teachers starting to deliver online lessons
  67. Analysis Haydn Piano Sonata Bb Hob. xvi:2 [first movement]
  68. Haydn Piano Sonata Hob. XVI.2 analysis
  69. Anyone Interested in the Virtual Orchestra?
  70. Interview with Norman Lebrecht, writer of many books on Classical Music
  71. Michael Gielen interview from 1996 here.
  72. Interview with Stravinsky (1957)
  73. Theory Book - The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis
  74. Performer Picks: Marin Alsop’s Top Boosey Works