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  1. Who are our moderators?
  2. Can't log in on my PC?
  3. How can I mark long posts to continue reading from where I left?
  4. Is TC back?
  5. Can't send private messages
  6. Editing Functions Not Appearing
  7. I can't view anyone's Profile ~ even my own!
  8. How will I know if someone likes me?
  9. Number of postings not updating.
  10. Games!
  11. Games still showing in the main forum
  12. Rejected Community Forum threads?
  13. Missing Community Forum posts
  14. Post approvals
  15. Images in Groups
  16. Problem with linking
  17. Group Photo Upload Issue Thread
  18. How do I include pictures in my blog posts?
  19. No section for cd/lp trades or wantlists?
  20. Issue with Post scary pictures/gifs thread in Community Forum
  21. Copyright issues (especially images)
  22. Is there a way I can see ALL the threads I started?
  23. Suggestion: Luthier section.
  24. What's new malfunction
  25. I'm having trouble posting
  26. Suggestion for Current Listening
  27. Easy way how to find all my posts?
  28. Latest Glitch Getting to Last Page of "Current Listening"
  29. So what happened?I
  30. Search facility no longer works
  31. New Posts button
  32. Can't find a Thread?
  33. Searching
  34. What the heck happened now!?
  35. Fix Activity Stream omissions?
  36. Unable To Access My Profile
  37. Denied access to profile?
  38. Issues in Google Chrome?
  39. Error and speed reporting
  40. someone just spammed
  41. Is this how the 'Ignore' feature is supposed to work?
  42. Black Youtube posts
  43. New server (again)
  44. I can't download images now
  45. Is there a daily limit of the number of threads we can start?
  46. Post count incrementing
  47. Do Forum Posts Become PMs Without the Poster's Knowledge?
  48. The 3-second rule
  49. Current Listening Not Loading Full Page
  50. Forum not working
  51. Could I change my name?
  52. Questions about Private Messaging
  53. Picture Limit
  54. Notification of Private Messages
  55. I'm unable to switch back to mobile style on my phone
  56. Unable to access TC for 13 hours ... anyone else?
  57. Please move Most interesting biography of obscure 20th Century Composer
  58. I can’t access my own profile!
  59. You talkin' to me, bub?
  60. "Likes" aren't functioning
  61. "Are you sure you want to leave?"
  62. non access.
  63. New User Interface?
  64. I couldn't access the site for about 16 hours.
  65. File download from TC
  66. Resource Limit Is Reached
  67. Site downtime, offer
  68. YOUTUBE posts are working again !!!!!
  69. Downtime
  70. Why can't I post in certain forums?
  71. Peculiar constraints on search
  72. My thread title needs to be fixed
  73. Are Jazz compositions allowed here?
  74. Thank you Mr. Magle....
  75. Please Delete Post