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  1. Help IDing classical piece in Roxanne (1987)
  2. Favorite Golden Age soundtrack
  3. Favorite Hollywood Golden Age soundtrack
  4. King Kong Lives
  5. new music for films
  6. Great music scenes in movies
  7. 2013 Oscar for Best Score
  8. "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack - "May it Be"
  9. Debussy's 'Masques'
  10. James Horner
  11. Favorite contemporary film composer
  12. Trying to id this movie with Madame Butterfly soundtrack?
  13. For the serious film lover
  14. The Hobbit soundtrack - Misty Mountains Cold
  15. Favorite Musical??
  16. Vale Richard Griffiths
  17. "The Music Man" - One man barbershop quartet + 2
  18. Film music news
  19. Which sound track is the better, The Da vinci code or Inception?
  20. Your best violin background music in movies
  21. Tribute to Max Steiner
  22. Trying to Identify music in an old Tod Browning movie....
  23. "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack - "May it Be"
  24. Movies about Composers/Classical Music and Pianists
  25. Favorite John Williams film score
  26. Song from Coco Avant Chanel trailer
  27. never watch todays movies
  28. Favorite horror flick?
  29. RIP Ray Harryhausen
  30. In honor of Ray....What' your favorite Harryhausen film?
  31. identify area
  32. How the "Inception" Soundtrack conquered the world
  33. Is there a name for this technique? Calm music over an edgy or violent scene?
  34. The Bach Woods
  35. What is the title of this song?
  36. Henryk Wars (Henry Vars)
  37. Symphonic musicians and movie scores
  38. Short films
  39. Rock me Amadeus!
  40. Disney music!
  41. cello Madness
  42. House of Flying Daggers
  43. Favorite movie genre
  44. Soundtrack of Drive (2011)
  45. speilberg inspired by this for communication scene in close encounters?
  46. Any one knows the name of this piece?
  47. The best of film scoring IMHO
  48. Name of this piece?
  49. What would you want for a third Fantasia movie?
  50. Gauche the Cellist
  51. what composer uses digital electronics? (for movies)
  52. Musical manipulation
  53. The Sound of Cinema
  54. Movie "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" soundtrack
  55. Favorite Bond song?
  56. Studio Ghibili soundtrack
  57. In memory of Victor Young
  58. Movies and 3D
  59. Anyone know what the inspiration was for Remember us (300) / Finale (Titus) ????
  60. THE MUSIC OF MAN series hosted by Yehudi Menuhin
  61. Who doesn't love DISNEY? :) Have a listen! (please)
  62. George Sarah
  63. Great film - shame about the soundtrack
  64. What is the name of this song?
  65. What's your favorite piece of classical music discovered through a soundtrack?
  66. Edward Artemiev – Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker (Music from Motion Pictures)
  67. World War II movies..................
  68. A Late Quartet
  69. House of Cards (BBC)
  70. A Movie Every Classical Music Lover MUST see
  71. Which actor would play...?
  72. Best Film Uses of Non-Film Music
  73. Rarely heard film scores
  74. Ten favorite film scores
  75. My 2 shorts-movies with classical music !