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  1. Symphonic musicians and movie scores
  2. Rock me Amadeus!
  3. Disney music!
  4. cello Madness
  5. House of Flying Daggers
  6. Soundtrack of Drive (2011)
  7. speilberg inspired by this for communication scene in close encounters?
  8. Any one knows the name of this piece?
  9. The best of film scoring IMHO
  10. Name of this piece?
  11. What would you want for a third Fantasia movie?
  12. Gauche the Cellist
  13. what composer uses digital electronics? (for movies)
  14. Musical manipulation
  15. The Sound of Cinema
  16. Movie "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" soundtrack
  17. Favorite Bond song?
  18. Studio Ghibili soundtrack
  19. In memory of Victor Young
  20. Anyone know what the inspiration was for Remember us (300) / Finale (Titus) ????
  21. THE MUSIC OF MAN series hosted by Yehudi Menuhin
  22. Who doesn't love DISNEY? :) Have a listen! (please)
  23. George Sarah
  24. Great film - shame about the soundtrack
  25. What is the name of this song?
  26. What's your favorite piece of classical music discovered through a soundtrack?
  27. Edward Artemiev – Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker (Music from Motion Pictures)
  28. A Late Quartet
  29. House of Cards (BBC)
  30. A Movie Every Classical Music Lover MUST see
  31. Best Film Uses of Non-Film Music
  32. Rarely heard film scores
  33. Ten favorite film scores
  34. My 2 shorts-movies with classical music !
  35. X-men: Days of future past
  36. Mansfield Park (1999) score by Lesley Barber
  37. Free webinar for composers looking to break into the film industry - May 1st!
  38. Need help with song title from Polish movie (italian song i think)
  39. Does anyone know of a recording of the Gone With The Wind Theme played on organ?
  40. Disney's Maleficent
  41. Comparative Themes - Moderrn Soundtracks to Classical Music
  42. Jonny Greenwood / Paul Thomas Anderson Collaboration
  43. Music Enquiry
  44. Costly film score sheets
  45. help identifying old production music
  46. Troy
  47. Toccata Classics Release of Music For Alfred Hitchcock
  48. Nosferatu music
  49. which soundtrack is it
  50. Das Boot soundtrack
  51. Michael Jackson History Trailer
  52. Florence Foster Jenkins Biopic
  53. New Jazz on Film Box - Crime Jazz
  54. Favorite television soundtrack?
  55. Gladiator!
  56. Soundtracks that Transcend their Films
  57. Randy & David Newman, Michael Giacchino, Trevor Rabin ~ Hollywood Film Music
  58. Whiplash
  59. Lucio Fulci movies music theme
  60. James Bond film and film scores
  61. Amadeus, again
  62. Classical piece from the film The Ghoul
  63. My Mystery Classical Track
  64. Question about some "Poirot" music
  65. Horror Chase Music
  66. Early film scores
  67. James Bond theme inspired by classical piece?
  68. Theme From Schindler's List
  69. The Red Violin Caprices
  70. Can anyone identify this waltz?
  71. good old horror movie are dead and buried so his the music whit it
  72. The more unusual film composers
  73. All you movie buffs. What is the best movie Soundtrack? I say Conan the Barbarian!
  74. James Horner possibly in plane crash
  75. Barry Lyndon (1975 Stanley Kubrick)