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  1. X-men: Days of future past
  2. The Blue Lagoon (1980)
  3. Mansfield Park (1999) score by Lesley Barber
  4. Free webinar for composers looking to break into the film industry - May 1st!
  5. Need help with song title from Polish movie (italian song i think)
  6. What was the FIRST film you watched?
  7. Does anyone know of a recording of the Gone With The Wind Theme played on organ?
  8. Penny Dreadful
  9. Disney's Maleficent
  10. Comparative Themes - Moderrn Soundtracks to Classical Music
  11. Jonny Greenwood / Paul Thomas Anderson Collaboration
  12. Music Enquiry
  13. What is your all time favorite film?
  14. Costly film score sheets
  15. help identifying old production music
  16. Troy
  17. Toccata Classics Release of Music For Alfred Hitchcock
  18. Nosferatu music
  19. which soundtrack is it
  20. Das Boot soundtrack
  21. Twin Peaks
  22. Michael Jackson History Trailer
  23. Florence Foster Jenkins Biopic
  24. New Jazz on Film Box - Crime Jazz
  25. Favorite television soundtrack?
  26. A passing of note -- Mike Nichols
  27. Gladiator!
  28. Soundtracks that Transcend their Films
  29. Randy & David Newman, Michael Giacchino, Trevor Rabin ~ Hollywood Film Music
  30. Mozart in the Jungle
  31. Your Favorite Horror Films
  32. Whiplash
  33. Marco Polo
  34. Theatre Broadcasts at Cinemas
  35. Lucio Fulci movies music theme
  36. James Bond film and film scores
  37. Movie trailers that you like!
  38. Amadeus, again
  39. Classical piece from the film The Ghoul
  40. Really REALLY terrible movies
  41. What movies do you think are underrated?
  42. My Mystery Classical Track
  43. Tosh.0
  44. Your favorite sci-fi movies
  45. TV Shows surpassing Film?
  46. Recommend me movies to watch-- crowdsourced TC films.
  47. Favorite Coen Brothers Films?
  48. Question about some "Poirot" music
  49. Horror Chase Music
  50. Favorite Stanley Kubrick Film.
  51. Early film scores
  52. James Bond theme inspired by classical piece?
  53. The toughest 80s movie quiz ever
  54. Ray Harryhausen tribute thread...........
  55. Watchmen
  56. Theme From Schindler's List
  57. The Red Violin Caprices
  58. Can anyone identify this waltz?
  59. good old horror movie are dead and buried so his the music whit it
  60. The more unusual film composers
  61. All you movie buffs. What is the best movie Soundtrack? I say Conan the Barbarian!
  62. James Horner possibly in plane crash
  63. Barry Lyndon (1975 Stanley Kubrick)
  64. The funniest movies you've ever seen
  65. The Red Violin Revisited
  66. Can somebody identify this?!
  67. Latest Purchases (Films)
  68. What movies will I like based on my taste?
  69. Movies/TV shows about classical music?
  70. Pure Romantic/Post-romantic cinema
  71. Does anyone know the composer?
  72. Looking for a movie !
  73. favorite game soundtrack
  74. Aesthetically combining vintage cinema and classical music
  75. Can anyone please help identify this?