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  1. Favorite Film Directors
  2. Very silly orchestral scene
  3. The Oscars...
  4. Stewart Copland and Ben Hur (1925)
  5. Best music documentaries on Netflix
  6. Sputnik on air - The Leftovers
  7. Do You Like This Overture By John Williams?
  8. The classics at the movies
  9. La Viaccia (1961): rare blend of concert work & film score
  10. Music from Fargo and The Leftovers
  11. The walking dead
  12. Favorite teen movies
  13. House (1977)
  14. Miles Ahead
  15. Amazing Cover of Games of Thrones…who will follow GOT 6???
  16. Dingo (1991)
  17. Jerry Goldsmith
  18. Do you think watching films outside of a Cinema as "The Real Thing"? Please explain.
  19. Mozart's Sister
  20. Rethinking Silent Movie Music Soundtracks
  21. Avant-garde/experimental/art/indie/Dada/etc films!
  22. Bernard Herrmann
  23. Poll: The Lobster. Good or Waste of Time?
  24. Michael Giacchino and Medal of Honor fans?
  25. Any fans of Michael Giacchino here?
  26. The Big Short Movie
  27. Maya nadhi by Santhosh Narayanan
  28. R.I.P. Marni Nixon
  29. can you identify this piano piece?
  30. Desperately trying to identify a piece...
  31. The art of weeping
  32. Heat Soundtrack, Elliot Goldenthal
  33. Intermission
  34. Hollywood using the same works
  35. who wrote the theme for The Omen(classical horror movie)
  36. Is Marvel Symphonic Universe bland? Watch and discuss
  37. Lesser-known music associated with weddings
  38. Composers you discovered
  39. Life is Beautiful
  40. The Return of the Violin
  41. Film & TV - News and Observations
  42. Your Top Ten Movie Soundtracks?
  43. Your top 10 movies
  44. The Master (2012)
  45. John Williams vs Gustav Holst or Star Wars Vs The Planets
  46. What TV Series Are You Watching?
  47. Dances with wolves - John Dunbar theme
  48. Schindler's list
  49. The moment of awakening
  50. Star Trek
  51. Silent Film Piano Scoring Favorites
  52. BBC Film "Wild Africa" (2001) Trailer music
  53. Bombshell in military uniform
  54. Similar Film/Game Tracks
  55. Looking for THE MATRIX, printed score for full orchestra, by Don Davis
  56. Could you please help me identify this musical piece?
  57. Besides SCHINDLER'S LIST, what film soundtracks have violin solos?
  58. Help please?
  59. Actress on horseback
  60. Trying to identify background music
  61. Sir John Vincent Hurt. R.I P
  62. How will film music be remembered?
  63. John William's birthday
  64. Favorite/Least Favorite "Classic" Actors and Actresses?
  65. Carlo Franci's "The Invincible Gladiator"
  66. "It's Such A Beautiful Day" and other Movies By Don Hertzfeldt
  67. Underrated/Forgotten great movie themes!?
  68. Question: help in identifying piece of classical music in a TV play: 'Destiny'.
  69. Best musical on film?
  70. A L I E N - Jerry Goldsmith and classical (or other) influences on this score
  71. Anime Soundtracks
  72. 50s Television Series / Re-Visiting
  73. Genre Similar to this Particular Part of this Track
  74. What is your favourite Horror movie(s)?
  75. What is your favourite action/adventure movie(s)?