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  1. Favourite Hitchcock movies?
  2. The TC Top 5 Recommended Westerns List
  3. Rank Andrei Tarkovsky's Feature Films (or those which you've already seen)
  4. Greatest Films (according to me) - Recommendations & Discussion Welcome
  5. Nostalghia - Andrei Tarkovsky (1983) (Review/Analysis) Discussion Welcome
  6. Sir Roger Moore dies at 89 .
  7. What's the best Roger Moore movie you saw?
  8. Orchestral make up
  9. In the light of darkness: favorite film noir
  10. Which HARRY POTTER film has the most acclaimed score?
  11. Films about composers: how accurate are they?
  12. Father Ted - horn music
  13. Not sure if it is from some movie, but i need to identify this music
  14. That Thing You Don't
  15. Weirdest films you've watched
  16. morning buzz = favorite radio + drink
  17. Has classical music radio also got the dj-virus?
  18. Movie recreation music soundtrack....
  19. Unilingual film with foreign characters / setting: awkwardness & futility of accents
  20. Game soundtrack missing here on TC?
  21. What is your opinion of the City of Prague Philharmonic?
  22. mother!
  23. Upcoming documentary about Steven Spielberg
  24. "The Heiress", 1949
  25. Score
  26. Barnes and Noble 50% off Criterion Collection Movies
  27. Theme from Girl With a Pearl Earring with paintings by Vermeer
  28. Game of Thrones: The Rains of Castamere (Dramatic orchestral Cover Cover)
  29. Bear McCreary
  30. Le Portrait Interdit
  31. West Side Story: How Music Creates Racial Tension
  32. A big favour to ask from the pianists here
  33. Oscar Nominations 2018
  34. British horror films
  35. Composer Jóhann Jóhannsson dies at 48
  36. Favourite Super Hero Movie
  37. British Horror TV Series
  38. This here movie actually angered me for completely wasting my time
  39. So. Farewell then Lewis Gilbert
  40. Master and Commander
  41. Libertador
  42. Hans Zimmer notes a German expression -- what is it?
  43. Message from Mars (1913, G. B.), by Wallett Waller
  44. Miloš Forman 1932-2018
  45. RIP Gunny
  46. Favorite movie genres?
  47. Still Seeking 1950s Music Television Series
  48. What movie will/would you watch tomorrow?
  49. 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die
  50. "I Love Lucy"
  51. Best westerns
  52. Dead Man - Jim Jarmusch
  53. Sophisticated Kids Films?
  54. What are your favourite top 5 films directed by Coen brothers?
  55. Can't find this awesome song anywhere!
  56. Favourite Film Adapted from a Brit Novel
  57. Stupid movie you watch religieously well not stupid buit kitsch value of 80'' see
  58. Top Recommended Film Scores?
  59. Acquiring Rental Film Scores
  60. I could not imagine the world without the Italian cinema
  61. Any silent film fans here? I have written many, many silent scores, some are online
  62. The limited value of movie soundtracks?
  63. Blues - WEST SIDE STORY by Moozeeck
  64. Mountain
  65. Albert Finney RIP
  66. the worst film you ever listen of all time Hulk Hogan a Nanny?
  67. They shall not grow old trailer made me emotional
  68. Movie that were so bad u had seizure, and bacon on the floor in a pan
  69. Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" with the classic score by Gottfried Huppertz
  70. Favourite Film Posters (or Covers)
  71. Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone
  72. Am I the Only Person Not to Like Marvel?
  73. Is there a name for this effect in music?
  74. Search for 1950s Television Series - Reprise
  75. Classical music from a documentarry about Michael Jackson