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  1. Piano Piece from Babette's Feast
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  3. Small segment from a piece
  4. unknown string piece (probably a quartet)
  5. probably a movie song with strings/ unfindable music
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  8. What is this encore at a Sibelius concert
  9. What is the song?
  10. unknown piano concerto/accompaniment piece
  11. Classical Song I cannot find the composer or name of....please help
  12. Please help me identify this composer - Piano, short piece, attachment whistled
  13. unknown orchestral piece
  14. Name of waltz in movie "Best Christmas Ball Ever"
  15. Smetana Lullaby in "The Two Popes"
  16. Please identify this popular classical music riff
  17. Please help identify this piece.
  18. Piano piece from my mother-in-law (age 97)
  19. unknown orchestral piece
  20. Curious about some sheet music
  21. Dutilleux and Milhaud works without a name
  22. Another request if some can identify this music...
  23. Help! Possibly composed by Jule Styne?
  24. Can anyone identify this piece of classical music?
  25. Trying to find the names of these two songs
  26. Bach harpsichord piece
  27. Can somebody help me identify this bach melody?
  28. Cheers episode "Dianes Nightmare" S4 E5
  29. Which Bach Please?
  30. Could you help me identify this piece?
  31. Please help me with this one :)
  32. Two Greedy Italians driving theme?
  33. Help identifying
  34. What piece of Beethoven's is this?
  35. I need to find out the identity of this piece and its author.
  36. Need help identifying this piece!
  37. Melody from Junghans Carriage Musical Clock circa 1910
  38. Is it Copland?
  39. A new birth at the Greek National Opera - TV SPOT
  40. Please help me identify this pieces.
  41. Pachelbel's music featured on old episode of Felicity
  42. Help identifying simple classical piano song
  43. Help needed to identify music used on new Mary Beard BBC programme
  44. help me :( i want to know the title and composer
  45. help me please i wanna know the title of this classical music
  46. Help identifying a classical piece of music from 2 [reconstructed] samples
  47. What is this melody called?
  48. From the 1980 horror movie "The Fog"
  49. Searching for a mysterious piece from Baroque Period (or at least in Baroque style)
  50. Please help identifying this piece
  51. Can anyone help identify a Mozart piece?
  52. Name and composer of this beautiful piece of classical music
  53. Can anyone identify this musical piece for me?
  54. Organ music identification
  55. Piece from C-SPAN
  56. Can you help me identifying this piece?
  57. id that classic symphony
  58. Opera aria for sopranos
  59. Not strictly speaking classical but...
  60. Help identifying the title of this music
  61. Distorted Vocal Work...
  62. Help Identifying this Piece
  63. An unknown string quartet
  64. A forgotten song
  65. slave music?
  66. Could anyone tell me what the piece is which is in the background to this video?
  67. We lost the music with her
  68. Identifying Which “voice” enters first with the fugue subject?
  69. An old memory
  70. Help identifying a romantic-sounding symphonic work
  71. Idenification for this background music (aria?) from an unidentifed foreign film
  72. Looking for this for 20 years
  73. unknown string piece (probably Dvorak)
  74. Identification
  75. Music quest, which part of Orlando de Lassos Opus?